Sunday, November 23, 2008

Existence is Missing

Existence is missing
The respect of admission to self dishonesty that have become a revolution.

We all live in fear and fall to despair as we hide behind our lies and enslave existence into separation and not a nation,

Of all One and Equal but all one in weakness….

We do not stand up for another, but run to take cover

Pretending to be glorified as we fight another’s war,

When in our hearts we know that we are cowards

And hide behind the door getting self satisfaction by being in action against another and say we are saving our mother.., yet do not hesitate to kill another

We are slaves to the elite
Because we are afraid we won’t eat
We turn into sheep and wonder why we weep

When all we have to do is stand up to you and say no more killing,
no more abuse, we can provide on our own…

We don’t need you to protect by slaughtering. We will not fight your money whore war…

Food is bountiful and land is gracious, and your sly lies of money are in your favor.

Time to stand up to these revolutions of Lies and to swallow our pride and not hide behind false representation

Of these Nations that Deceive for greed and care not for what you need,

They plant the seed saying give us your power so we can shower ourselves and not you, you are the fool.
The Elite are the minority and we are the majority, why give the power to the greedy and not to the needy.

Because we were weak and created an Elite to tell us what to do, when we knew in our hearts we gave them the power

And now suffer the repercussions of Nations upon Nations that keep food from the people because we depended on others for rations as we are now governed.

This can not be disputed, no matter what religion or creed that you believe and need yourself to Be. As we are all One and Equal to what we have accepted and allowed.

So when you die, the death that you put on another by living dishonestly, will you be proud of what we as a people have accepted and allowed?

By Adele Caskey
Copywrite Nov 2008