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Special Feeling Part 2 of 6

 Continuing - A discussion between Bernard and Cameron about "special feelings" towards another, a post from the Desteni forum.
So let’s continue in terms of the point of the ‘Teenage-years’. So now, obviously Multiple-forms of Abuse develop during the ‘Teenage years’ as kids will ‘Gang-up’ and when you don’t ‘get your way with a girl’ where you will destroy her Image, because: she dared to say ‘No’ to you, and you wanted to fuck-her. And I mean, the Basic ‘Human-Teenager’ is a Real ‘Ugly-Nasty-Piece of Meat’ which is the result obviously of the Suppressions of the Parents that come out, because the Parents used to do the same shit –and they have Suppressed-it and Transferred-it to the Children which is how ‘The Sins of the Father are visited upon the Children’ - and obviously the Parents do not want to see that, because they are already trapped in the next ‘Feeling’ which is normally Religion and where they Deny what they have done as Child ‘at all costs’, because they are just ‘weak’ and ‘sinful’ and ‘Jesus has died for their Sins’ –and that Death has ‘washed them clean’ in ‘Red Blood’ that’s very ‘sticky’, but apparently it does not work like that in Religion, I mean you don’t use water to wash yourself, you use fucking blood - playing ‘Satanic Worship’, but ‘who fucking cares ?’ because it shows you that the Human Being in the search of this ‘Feeling’ really do not look at: Reason, Common Sense, obvious things that they have experienced-themselves, no Self-Honesty and simply ‘play out’ the ‘Feeling’, the Pre-Program.

So now the Pre-Program will also run in a peculiar way in which it ‘moves’ when two people go into an Relationship, one will develop ‘faster’ than the other, normally within an ‘Intellectual Capacity’ or within an ‘Observational Capacity’ and when two people are together they will-then tend to ‘move’ in Opposite Directions, because this is a ‘Reality of Opposites’. In the movement in ‘Opposite-Directions’ there will eventually develop a Separation in the Relationship and eventually you will face each-other and say: ‘You know, we can’t be together anymore, we don’t have the same interests anymore’. But, not too long ago you had ‘the same interests’ which was obviously Sex, but I mean you had ‘the same interests’.

Now in your ‘moving apart’ you have had your eyes ‘dwell upon the ‘Great Crops of Flesh’ that is placed-upon the Earth for your ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Consideration’, and as you have dwelt upon-it you have moved from one to another, to another seeking-out the next one you could ‘captivate’ and ‘hold captive’ so that you can Fuck the thing, I mean that’s the point of Flesh isn’t it: ‘Let’s fuck and have Pleasure’ –But you will never ‘Speak the Truth’ about-it, because: that is not ‘Socially Acceptable’ –you mean you do-it between four-walls behind curtains with sound-proofing to make sure nobody finds-out what the fuck you’re doing–but, who would dare to be Self-Honest about ‘what the fuck it is they’re really doing? Not a Human Being because, if you are Self-Honest, you will be Exposed to the ‘Attack of the Gangs’, you will enter ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ – ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ says: ‘Let me judge-you until you go to Hell, I will place-you in Hell’.

The fact that Jesus said: ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ –because you will-only ‘Judge’ that which you have Done-Yourself –you can only ‘Speak- it’ because you’ve ‘Done-it’, which is why Self-Forgiveness is Relevant.
It is thus important to note that in this ‘movement’ in a Relationships as you’re ‘moving apart’, a peculiar thing happen: one of the Partners would like to ‘stay’ in the Religion or hum...which is Religion/Relationship - because Relationship is like a Religion, isn’t it, you ‘Believe’ in-it –so one would like to ‘stay’ in-it and one would like to ‘move on’ - so one normally will make the decision and one will be the pain and one will ask ‘why did it happen’ and the other one will try and explain, and you’ll never Agree and now after the Relationship that started ‘with so much Feeling’ and ‘so much Love’, falls-apart - you’ll even refuse to Touch or Communicate Face-to-Face or Consider each-other at all –I mean there will just be ‘Hate’ and ‘Anger’, ‘Resentment’, all kinds of stuff - and suddenly your life will-change, isn’t it? Instantaneously, you move-into a ‘New Dimension’. And whatever was the past will Die and never be mentioned again - that’s why you go-into a ‘New Dimension’.

So in your ‘New Dimension’ you’ll now obviously only-mention the ‘new things’ that’s relevant to the ‘Feeling’ you are searching to ‘fulfil’ - and therefore you will adjust your information accordingly and now ‘move’ with ‘great velocity’ towards the point where you-can ‘couple’-again and you can either place ‘your Penis in a Vagina’ or ‘your Vagina over a Penis’ and so you can ‘pin’ your ‘easiness’ of your Reality and ‘hopefully’ chop... stop the ‘angina’ in-your ‘heart area’ where there-is this ‘Pressure’ that says: ‘I Need Love, my Heart is seeking for fulfilment, you are in my Heart’ - So now this ‘angina’ get to you until you have the point of your ‘Great Feeling’ that comes-together in the Flesh and then your Heart-opens and you say: ‘I am Love, I am Beauty, oh I Love you so much’ –but if the partner dare to say: ‘No, we’re not fucking tonight’ then obviously there’s ‘big shit’ - but I mean, everybody experienced-it buy nobody wants to be Self-Honest about the ‘Real Human Experience’: What Really Happens.

So now, you are in your ‘New Dimension’ and exactly the same-point ‘happens’. Within this a peculiar-thing happens within your Psyche. Your Psyche is the way you develop your ‘Fuzzy Logic’ to make decisions that is more ‘effective’, that is ‘Deciding Keys’: that is called your ‘Psyche’ which will be your ‘Psychology’ which is the way you’re gonna deal with this World – So, in your Psyche will develop a peculiar-observation in where you will note: ‘what words to use’, ‘what movements’, ‘when to laugh’, ‘how to laugh’, ‘how to touch’, ‘what to say’, ‘what-not to say’, ‘which thoughts to share’, ‘which ones not to share’, ‘when to fart’, ‘when-not to fart’, ‘how to eat’... every single thing to suit your ‘New Dimension’ which is obviously Controlled-by the things you want to Control, which is your Arrangements of Partnerships that Satisfy this ‘Feeling’, but this ‘Feeling’ is a Fucker because, soon after you have ‘fulfilled’ this Feeling for a moment, it starts to ‘Feel again’ and it ‘wants more’ –it’s like this ever, never-ending, consuming little-fucker that just ‘wants more’. So immediately when it ‘wants more’ a thought arrives in your Mind saying: ‘What-if this is not my ‘Soul Mate’?’, ‘What-if this Love is not Real?’, ‘What-if he’s been lying to me? He didn’t tell me everything about his past’, ‘What-if?’ - And all these thoughts arrives and you start to ‘feed’-them, you start to ‘think about-it’ and in the ‘thinking about-it’ you’re creating an ‘Entity’, the ‘Entity’ obviously start to ‘Possess’ within the ‘Structural Resonance Entity’ that ‘takes-over’, there a division develop within the Relationship and where the Sex used to be ‘great’ in the beginning, it becomes an ‘area’ or a ‘part less gone-to’ - you don’t really wanna ‘go there’ because you suddenly start to notice the ‘smell’, you start to notice peculiar ‘small things’, that is Bothering you and I mean you start to think-about: ‘What-if it’s not the same with another person?’.

And so you develop the whole-thing and where it came-together, the whole-thing start to ‘fall apart’ and you use Logic and Reason and ‘beautiful words’ to justify why it’s ‘happening’, but you’ll never be Self-Honest about the ‘Thinking Process’ that went-on ‘Behind the Scene’, because you ‘Believe’ that is your ‘Free Will’ –that nasty fucking-bullshit that goes-on in the ‘background’ - And that gives you the ‘right’ to do whatever you wanna-do and it’s real nasty-shit that goes-on in a Human Being, I mean, you could be so ‘grateful’ that you don’t see another Human’s thoughts, because you will puke all the time for the Nastiness which is existing as a Human. And the presentation that is ‘presented’ as the Human in ‘Words’ and ‘Physical Presentation’ is ‘nowhere-near’ the ‘Real-Story’ going-on Inside ‘The Mind’. That’s the whole-reason this Reality is so Fucked-up, it’s because the ‘Real Person’ is ‘sitting in thought’ inside, ‘playing God’ with their Reality and trying-to ‘Control’-others for one simple-thing: Pleasure and to Fulfil this ‘little-Feeling’.
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