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Acts of spite Original Sin

From Desteni Forum

The Snake
The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
who spite who?

Who will not see inspite of what this fruit foretell?
Acts of spite -- what have we done to ourselves?

Within this 'context' of the Snake, Adam and Eve - the Snake represent the Spite already existent as/in Adam and Eve - wherein Adam and Eve eat the fruit, taken from the Snake to deliberately, within that act of taking and eating the fruit, attempt to/try to 'Spite God' - because he said: 'Not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil'.

Wherein his demand is deliberately reprimanded within/as Spite within the statement of spite as: "I will do this - you can't/won't tell me what to do. I want to, so I will. Don't you tell me what to do." - wherein, acting upon this statement of spite - the nature of the act is done within the expression of 'the attempt to' 'prove something to someone, as in 'showing-off' within the starting-point of wanting to establish themselves as being 'of power' / 'of superiority'.
Or even to attempt to 'gain a sense of individuality' wherein the individuality is based on the self-definition of "doing what I want in spite of another to spite the other so that I can give myself the power/control/superiority to do this within the justification that it is 'my right' / 'freewill' / 'free-choice' to do this'.

Thus, in looking at 'free-choice' / 'choice' / 'freewill' - it's a disguise of the actuality as the act that is being practiced, which is actually, really done in deliberate spite to/towards someone/something - whether it be a being/idea/belief - and 'free-choice' / 'choice' / 'freewill' is used to justify the act of/as spite within the light of self-interest to make what self is doing/acting within/as 'Right for self and self alone'.

So - Adam and Eve believing that they're acting in Spite towards 'God' - wherein what happen to Adam and Eve, simply prove that self always only spite self. 'God' didn't have anything to do with consequences that ensued due to their deliberate act of spitefulness within eating the fruit - the Snake didn't have anything to do with the consequences nor the initial act of eating the fruit = they acted upon it, accepted and allowed it = and thus accordingly experienced their own consequences they created - wherein they'll have actual events/manifested experiences that'll show/reveal/reflect to them what they are/have become as spite.

The snake also in-turn acting within/as spite - deliberately spiting 'God' and spiting Adam and Eve - the snake spiting God in the attempt to 'ruin/infect' 'his creation' as Adam and Eve and within 'succeeding' to do so through Adam and Eve becoming the spite the snake acted within/as towards them - the snake experience a moment of 'power/superiority' - and then ofcourse, the consequence = only spiting itself.
The snake acting also within deliberate spite to/towards Adam and Eve - as the snake knew there'd be consequences for Adam and Eve, but to deliberately spite them - acting in spite through presenting 'that to them which it knew would be of great demise to them' - to within that - gain a sense of pleasure within power/control through manipulating them to take that which would harm them - that in harming them, and them experiencing the harm - it has a sense of 'god-hood'-experience over and of them - believing that it (the snake) is the creator of their experience = when they, Adam and Eve themselves created their own experience = and so that snake also.

So - within this Analogy:

The Tree represent the Mind, the fruit the Thoughts as manifested-designs of knowledge and information.
The Snake represent the Voices in the Head as you as Mind-created Personality as your own conscience of Mind = speak to yourself.
'God' - representing 'who you are', so to speak.

What the 'story of Adam and Eve' reveal within the context of Spitefulness as our current accepted and allowed nature within which we exist as spitefulness - is, that = if you look at yourself in relationship to your world/others - everything that is done = is done within deliberate spitefulness as 'blame' - blaming God/Life for yourself and what you experience -directing that blame unto others - and thus existing within a self-created existence of Spitefulness as the very definition of/as self within the belief that all that you're doing/saying/being is done to spite life/god or whatever/whoever you blame for your experience of you within and without = when in fact, you're only always spiting yourself.

So, therefore - one can't blame the Mind, the voices in the head, god/life or others for experiences within self/one's world - as its all self-created through deliberate spite within the design of 'winning' as self-interest of survival to always want to be 'more'/'better than' others to defend one's ego of believed individuality through deliberately harming others to get one's way - and self is accepting/allowing self to participate in it.


Cold shoulder

Common Sense wrote:
When a partner turn the cold shoulder

who spite who?

and what is the partner actually already preparing to justify?

The one turning the cold-shoulder is only spiting themselves - as they're already preparing to justify the 'reason' / 'the why' for acting within the cold-shoulder manipulation - justifying their act within spite as the cold-shoulder manipulation through blaming the other for the reason to why they did it/ acted within spite as the cold-shoulder manipulation.

Then, if the other leave the one that acted within spite as the manifestation of the could-shoulder manipulation - the one that acted in such deliberate spite will in further ado direct anger towards the other for leaving them - when the one created their experience for themselves through spite = now, their world will reflect the spite they had become.

So, the being that was directing anger to/towards the other = is actually angry at/with themselves - because, to a certain extent they know/see they're the cause - them knowing that they're actually the cause is indicated through them attempting to fault the other.

One always show to self what self is, have become, do, accept and allow through what you project/direct unto others in thought, word and deed = and this is always done in spite - in the attempt to destroy another as you've accepted and allowed yourself to destroy yourself - wanting to destroy another as the destruction that you've brought upon yourself, as yourself that you've become to have the other feel/experience themselves exactly as you do - to in so-doing = bring them down to the level you brought yourself to 'feel equal' and in that perceived 'equality' = at the same-time gain a sense of 'domination'.

The fucked-up design of 'equality' through/as the mind-system as spitefulness.


What is Spitefulness

From Desteni Forum
Spitefulness is a deliberate act - within which the being act in deliberate spite towards another within the deliberate intention to harm / break-down / inferiorize - the being within this act of spitefulness believing that they're harming / breaking-down / inferiorizing another - when their world will turn 180-degrees upon themselves as their world will show the spite they are.

Spitefulness is a form of mental-rape - within which the being acting in spite deliberately want another to break-down/react emotionally - so that the one acting in/as spite can through harming another in such a way - gain their experience of power, control and superiority.

The other on the 'receiving-end' of the one acting in/as spite towards them, is self-responsible to not give their power away to the one acting in/as spite - because, in essence - if they accept/allow themselves to react = they're only spiting themselves within the very acceptance and allowance of reacting.
Understand that; you become that which you react to/towards - thus, the being reacting to another's spitefulness towards them = become the spite they accept and allow themselves to react to through blaming the being for causing their experience, which would then from the blame - turn into 'revenge' and would become spiteful to 'get back at them' - when in fact they, themselves allowed their own reaction in the first-place.

All of this is done in full-awareness as a means to attempt to control and 'gain power' one way or another through using spite - the only way to control and gain power within spite is through deliberate harm unto another within the manifested-form of deliberate mental-rape within which the being 'feed-off of' the others 'break-down' and experience a sense of pleasure within it - always.

Spite is also used under the guise of manipulation - wherein the being would, for example, deliberately go into a form of 'self-pity' / 'feeling sorry for self' - playing on another's 'weakness' through having the other becoming what you're mirroring to them as self pity and feeling sorry for self - wherein the other will then pity you and feel sorry for you and 'play the game' of spite = so you'd use spite as manipulation to manipulate your reality to 'get what you want' through abusing others to get it.

The being accepting and allowing themselves to 'play this game' of spite that you project unto them - also becoming spite, through accepting and allowing themselves to be manipulated by you - because they're abusing themselves through self-compromise by supporting you within your design of spite as manipulation.
What'll happen here is that; an event will take place wherein the being that 'played the game of spite under the guise of manipulation' will 'regret' 'helping you' when they realise how they compromised themselves within giving you what you want - because in giving you what you want - something had to be taken from themselves = then they go into 'spite' as 'regret' - directing anger to/towards you - and in the anger using spite to attempt to manipulate you again - to 'regain' their control/power in themselves/their world that they gave away to you through falling prey to your spite-through-manipulation tactics.

Wherein the spite the being become within anger - is invalid as reaction towards you - because they accepted/allowed themselves to 'fall for' dishonesty/deception within another as themselves and didn't take self-responsibility in standing up within what they'll accept and allow and what not. Thus - understand = you'll also become the dishonesty/deception you accept/allow within another which you support within another that you participate in with them.

Thus, you only always spite yourself within/as/through your own acceptances and allowances.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am reporting about yesterday. It was a wierd day in that everything seemed to be in a daze. Things like I would get in the car and then wonder why I was in the car, I would forget what I was doing and why LOL, I had errands to run and it was very difficult to get them done. I talked to other people and asked them if they felt "spacy" and they said yes. I even went into fear at times like imagining that I was the only person on the planet and that I had know ("know" typo hm lol) one to talk to ...just me. So I sat with that to see how that would feel.. to just be with Me.. interesting.. I think that came up as I dont have anyone to talk to much anymore, I am seeing all talking is just that, opinons that are becoming boring to me, so mostly I just listen and say just a few words. The dogs that I am house sitting are even getting on my nerves, as soon as I come out the house they are jumping all over me wanting to play and I get annoyed that they do not take me into consideration. omg LOL That sounds so funny. But when I give into them as just play it is aways cool. Daziness Could be the pollen count as spring is starting up in the states. I seem to be more focused today, we we'll see...