Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Second Coming;

The Second Coming;
Jesus as the Practical Savior

What would Jesus Do?
Does not Jesus represent the son of God, did he not say you shall be like me and greater. Did he not come to say that we are all the sons of God.

What would Jesus do?
He showed us that he can feed the people. Does that not mean we should feed each other one and equal?
What is the second coming of Jesus, is that not us?

In practical common sense what could Jesus do if he came now again?
What would be different than before?
He showed us that he fed all and any people that were at the mount unconditionally, as an example, should we not do the same?

The reason why we are "waiting" for Jesus to come, is because we are the Jesus that we are waiting for!

We are the second coming.
How can Jesus save us, unless we learn to save ourselves?
He taught us how we can save ourselves because no one can do it for you.
That is how Jesus saves, by us becoming him, by us feeding ourselves and each other by taking into consideration of ALL of MAN KIND as ourselves.

We can do this. We can stop the abuse by stopping the participation within it. We can take all into consideration One and Equal.

Waiting for Jesus is stupid really.
Consider this,
Did he have a church to preach from?
Did he have a home he admired more than spreading the truth.
Who are these Priests and the Church that say they know of Jesus and then tell us about him from their rich churches?

Why is the Vatican one of the most richest places in the world?
That to me is bull shit, as Jesus never had a church or a wealthy place to preach from.
How dare you let them take your money by the lies that they tell you. Would Jesus take your money? Would he even ask for it? Did not Jesus give all he had to another, and not kept for him self but to show us to give instead of take? Why are there people starving all over the world.

Tell me the Vatican and the wealthy can not buy and give the starving seeds to plant for food!

You that wait for the second coming, instead of taking the action that Jesus himself has taken. You are fools and blinded by the false profits of the church.
Some churches out there have good intentions, where the money goes to support there community.
But there is more that we can do, if we unit as a people who takes ALL People into consideration.
The stupid Wars that are fought for greed, where they do not care who they kill, and the leaders call themselves Christians!
How can you believe this? How can you think that is Christian?
What would Jesus do?
Would he support War against another?
What is War?? Is it not wanting to take what another has? And then go to the extremes of creating huge killing weapons to slaughter people to get what they want? The money and time spend on these wars! Ridiculous.
And they all say we are fighting for God, or we are Christians.

Shit! Come on people...
What would Jesus do?

Until we change as the second coming and become the second coming there will be No Second Coming.
How long will you wait??
Will you die before it happens?
Then what?
Be reborn and in the same mess, not to even remember that you where here before.
We need to change Now. If we wait, we will die and nothing will have changed and we come back to this again and again, until we stand up and make the difference ourselves.
Is that not common sense?
Jesus tried to teach common sense, and people where not ready, and churches were started to fool the people and Kill in the name of Jesus...
What have we learned??
If we wait and depend on another, what will change? Nothing, like nothing has changed for 2000 years.
It is NOT worship that Jesus taught!
He taught Action.
He taught to Do.
Not to pray. When he asked God for strength, it was not for himself he asked, but for the strength to have the will to carry on to help another! To teach others. To wake up another.
And you pray for a lover, to have money for a new car, to win a war, you pray to protect yourselves, not for All of Mankind.
People are hypocrites...
Jesus words fell on deaf ears... And you think he alone will come back?

You would not even listen to him again, as you do not now, but let the churches tell you that you are special because you come and Pray to God in their church, and say that others are not God worthy.

What would Jesus do?
He did not preach that! Why do you listen to such hypocrisy and dishonor what Jesus taught.

Why do you listen to the leaders and let them, and support them to kill others? And call yourself Christians.

The same goes for the other religions, where you think you are the chosen ones! What are you chosen for? That you can fight, kill and slaughter another, and believe that there is a God that approves of this!
That there is a God that has chosen people? How stupid is that really.

So God puts a bunch of people all together on a planet and then says only some of you are special. That makes no sense except in the eyes of people wanting to be special and will kill for it.

We need to be Jesus the Practical Savior.

Did you know that there is proof that the writings of the bible were done about 300 years after the death of this person named Jesus.

Jesus did not write down his teaching, he did not write the bible. Man did 300 years later, and used his simple teachings to become a Religion and then that way they can become masters of it by being priests and Popes. They can tell you that you are not worthy, and need the church to be saved because you do not understand Jesus words. They made it complicated on purpose, to enslave you by telling you how special you are, and then you pay them to tell you that…

The second coming is told by the priests so you will not take action on your own, and so you will wait and keep paying them money, so they have a job by keeping you enslaved “waiting”. Think about it. If there was no second coming as in Jesus to come down from the heavens and save mankind would you need the church? As the church says to stay with them and pray with them and give them money until Jesus comes! When we can be the second coming right now and stop starvation and greed.
What else to we need to be saved from?
To be saved from a sin… is to stop it. None can do it for you, yet you fall for the scam that a priest can magically take your sin away as you pay him money.
Jesus himself is not coming; we are the second coming by living his words that he taught.

None of this is the Will of God! But the will of Man that is so insecure that they need and want to be worshiped as a provider, so they enslave you into thinking you are stupid and need them, and then they tell you how you need to live when it is all geared to deceive you into giving your power/Life away to them in hopes that you will be saved and maybe become worth something. As they will say you have honor because you have listened to them and done their bidding. This is what the leaders do and say to you to get them to fight their battles of greed.

Do you feel shame? I did when I realized this. Shame that I was so stupid, that I did not ask questions but wanted to be accepted. They count on this as they put your children into school and teach them the same thing.. Become a good worker bee… for Us! And you will be rewarded.

So yes, the shame that people feel when they see this, they suppress because that means that they have allowed this, and many will want to “protect” their ego and image of themselves than to say, yes I was stupid, we do not have to allow this anymore. If you have the courage to swallow your pride… The Second Coming will come as You.

What can we do to become the Living Words of Jesus and in that way his words do not die in vain, as we become one with Jesus as his teachings?

We can stop over population. There are many who are having children for selfish needs, one of them is to get money from the government that you can only get if you have children. Is that not one form of child abuse as you do not look into the eyes of the child but only see them as dollar signs?

We can allocate the same amount of money for All. That would stop wars that are fought because of Greed.
That would stop starvation and corruption.
That would stop child abuse because children then would not have to be sold into child slave labor and prostitution.
All would have schooling
All could eat and have a home
No need to pay churches money to save you from the atrocities of existence when they can not and have never saved you anyway.
This money can be put to good use. And the ones who have most of the money have lied and cheated and stole it from you who has let them and gave them this power. They promise to take care of you, only to use it for there self gain. Why not take care of ourselves?

These are to name just a few things that can only be done, if we DO IT.
Become the DOER,
not the WORSHIPER.

The Practical Second Coming.

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I have never met anyone Like Desteni

It never occurred to me that when I joined the Desteni Forum over a year ago that this would be a life time experience…
I was lost and confused with the state that existence is in, I did not know what our purpose was, and why there was so much suffering, and there was suppose to be a God that loved us and created us. It didn’t make sense…
It took me over a year that I would realize that Desteni is offering a way to change the world through one person at a time, and in this new world we will all be different. The change that this will take is more than a change in your “life style” it is changing who you actually are and this takes courage and dedication, self honesty and self forgiveness. It is changing the way you see and perceived life, and stopping all the excuses that we have come up with or beLIEved are reasons why we as a people can not live One and Equal as LIFE instead of living One and Equal in separation, through self interest, (what is best for me only).
Desteni is breaking through all the lies and beliefs that say we can not live One and Equal for what is best for ALL as Ourselves, where we see all of creation as ourselves. The reason this is not here is because of fear and self interest.
This is a movement to live in Self honesty.
Adele Caskey