Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding my Desteni and A New Way

I joined the Desteni forum in September 13, 2007, I am 58yrs old. Before that I had pretty much had it with life. I lived a radical non-conformist life, but always in the back of my mind I wanted to know why we are here and why are we so abusive to each other. I could not believe we were still killing each other in wars. When Bush JR got elected, that is when all hope of humans doing anything for the good of life went out the door for me, and I started to give up within myself.
Way before that, some 30yrs ago I was also on a “spiritual” search, because I thought there had to be more than this abusiveness in the world and I wanted to know how to be happy and help others if I could find the “way” or truth. Interesting some 25 years later I ran into Desteni who is now 4yrs old since their website. So while going down into depression right before I started with Desteni, I was trying to keep my head above water, I was still searching on the Internet for something to make sense to me. A friend of mine, emailed me one of Sunettes videos. I was intrigued and watched more.
I found myself on the forum, a newbie, asking questions, as I never heard anyone talk or say the things the way they did. I wanted to try and learn about self-forgiveness and self-honesty. I did lots of research, watching videos and reading posts. They also started talking about an equal money system. Of course I loved the idea, it would solve all the fucked up shit going on. People could be happy! ALL people would treat other and themselves as equals. I always thought that this is way it should be.
When I was doing Advaita and other such light and love things, I felt something was missing. Why should I find happiness only for myself and not care about others. I just didn’t seem right. This is the point Desteni address where no one else does. Heaven is in our head - earth and Us, you and me are HERE. Thus to bring the idea of heaven from the head to HERE, physical, is the only way to actually LIVE it. Thus I have been learning to stop participating in the mind that is fueled with emotions that cause us to live in fear and separation of each other and life. The tools Desteni uses are simple- yet SO EFFECTIVE if done with sincerity. They are writing self to freedom. Self Honesty, Self forgiveness, Breath count, and corrective action.
The cool thing with Desteni - is that we are a group from all parts of the world who do want to bring heaven to earth for all of Us here. And we support each other within this to make a change in ourselves and then the world.

Some of my favorites when I first started with Desteni:
Why Changing the world Will not Last (Though this is not a video - this was very important for me because I was “hoping” for the Golden Age to come, and I saw that nothing is coming until we change ourselves)

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Matrix 9 on Secret of Self Direction ... relatedMat

Anonymous: On the Death of Me Series

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The Secret of Humans: Playlist

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Desteni a cult! LOL

A cult does not invite people to leave if they can’t be self-honest! Lolol
Desteni calls for people who are ready and willing to take a real look at this world and themselves and do something about it.
Desteni does not want people who are abusers, thus the abusers get pissed off when they are not accepted, and then do campaigns against Desteni. Think about it, Abusers always go on the warpath - to keep abuse going. People profit from abuse and people fear to lose their profit. If you think this is not so, do some research, there are thousands of slave labor child camps, where they work 12hrs, seven days a week, and just barely have enough to live on. It is called exploitation. It is done everywhere. Banks, stock exchange, business deals (businesses lying to exploit the unsuspecting). Even the so-called great USA is exploiting its people through wars, and taxes that support the wealthy.
So this idea that Desteni is a dangerous cult… I would say look to see where the real danger is. It is ignorance, it is fear to face what we have become, it is fear to do the right thing that is best for everyone. If you want to see it as a cult = culture. I would say this is a culture of tough love. Where one is taught how to stand up against the evil that we just accepted and allowed to take over existence. Desteni wont save you or anyone, and that is what cults teach, they teach that something outside of who you are will save you. Desteni speaks the raw undeniable truth, so that people who are ready may break the chains of their enslavement program to abuse.  
I know for me, I was not recruited into Desteni, I saw that they thought like I did, asking the same questions that I have asked. Why is there so much abuse in the world, and why are we still a warring species, killing each other for profit? Why have we not changed after all these thousands of years? And what Desnti says makes sense, common sense, the sense that we allowed ourselves to loose.
The ones against Desteni, have not had the courage to apply self honesty and self forgiveness. They rather argue to keep their limitations and abuse, than push themselves to change.