Monday, August 22, 2011

Meditation - Supressing Life.

Meditation Can Suppress Issues that need to be Honestly looked at.  
The reason why meditation does not work is because we use meditation when we are stressed about something. What that does is get the mind into this “other place” instead of looking at the thoughts that are creating stress in the first place. WE ARE THE ONES who are GENERATING these THOUGHTS. Thus if you take the thought back to its origin then you will see why you created it, look at your “believes” about the thought or idea, example: “my mother said this to me - it is her fault I am insecure” (this is a limiting believe that one uses to stay enslaved by emotions) - then the thoughts you let go off are the believes that you have accepted and allowed as real that cause stress, judgment, self blame an so forth. You have found the root of what YOU HAVE ACCEPTED. With meditation - you just want to go to “feeling good,” stating that you are a victim of feeling bad - you take no responsibly - thus your are saying you are not the directing force in your life.
In short Meditation takes the power away from us as the creator of our reality if we use it as an escape to feel good.  This is different to the saying “meditate on this.” Here on is focusing the mind to come up with a solution.
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