Sunday, September 26, 2010


Step 1. First look at your own thoughts of separation, abuse, judgments and fears
Step 2. Forgive yourself for All these things
Step 3. Walk in your action of Self Forgiveness daily to see and uncover all the limiting believes we have accepted and allowed that do not support Life equally.
Step 4. Start to make actual physical differences in your behavior, push yourself beyond you’re limiting believes - so that you may develop a self-trust that is not guided by emotions and feelings but an actual statement/action of you.
Step 5. Once you do these for yourself - you assist others to do the same so that All may live a dignified life.

Tools to assist - writing yourself to freedom- In self honesty writing we get to see where we are limiting ourselves and causing separation in our accepted and allowed thinking/believes.

Education- Educate you by studying “how we got here” in the first place. We must first know how we have created this reality of abuse corruption and separation so we may get a clear and precise understanding of this process. Only with this understand can we then make a change.

What Desteni and their members have done for me in my life.

I have been with Desteni for 3 years.
What I have learned so far is to push through my resistances.
Learning not to be addicted to energy of emotions and feelings.

Since Desteni -
· I have stopped drinking alcohol consistent for 20 months, which was an almost daily activity for 43 yeas
· I have started to write which I was extremely fearful of - do to my programmed experience of not doing well in school due to illness and abusive teachers.
· I have been more consistent than I ever have in my life.
· I have actually started to really like who I am becoming- where as before I had little self worth
· I have been letting go of my personality programs.
· I have started college after 34 years
· I have learned to trust myself more
· I am learning what it means to Live Life in coexistence and understanding for what is best for ALL
· I have learned and I am still learning to push myself through my limiting believes that have stopped me from living a full and dignified life.
· Learning how illnesses and dis-ease are linked to belief patterns that we have accepted and allowed and how to eventually delete these patterns though writing, self-honesty and self-forgiveness.
· Learning how to spend/use money in a way that is best for me and also best for all.
· I am learning how to support others who are interested in making a change in their life and others.

For further assists and support with Your Process there is an Equal Life Support Course
(Desteni Income Plan -
that is also an income opportunity for one who participates and qualifies by doing the course requirements.

You can contact me though a Facebook message (Adele Caskey) or leave a comment here if you would like to be on a list for more information about the course and income opportunity. There are at this time Limited enrollment and requirements for the course.

We do not believe in a God that will take care of us. We believe that we are the Gods who create this world and it is up to Us to take responsibility. “We are the Image and Likeness of God”
We do not believe that “just thinking loving/positive thoughts” will change the world or us as this is a separation polarity believe that keeps us enslaved to the “idea” that thoughts without action will make a change and this has been the “secret” factor that has kept mankind living in abuse, separation, corruption and greed.


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Thanks for this.

I want to invite you to join my Facebook Group: Project Heaven on Earth
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Ingrid said...

well voiced Adele, thanks!

kimberly said...

I love this, you are a great communicator and I love this! I have learned a ton from you, thank you so much!