Thursday, September 2, 2010

Education - Punishment

Pie Chart from SRA Course
Education - schools
Fearful - annoying-
Fearful in the fact that I was abused in first grade by a teacher who would hit us with a paddle as we bent over on the table just for things like not knowing how to read or say a word correctly. As I continued with school through out my years I felt it annoying to try to please the teachers and do good work. I do not think kids should be pushed to learn by punishment. As that left me feeling unworthy as a human and not respected as a child. Thus I grew up an angry little kid and then carried the unworthiness feeling through out my life as the feeling and fear of I might “let someone down” by not performing to their standards.

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keith said...

further to my comment on your skype post ...i remember trying to memorize a 3 minute ''history of dogs '' speech i had to make in front of some other pupils as part of my oral english exam ..i was 13 or 14 years old . ...walking around the park at night repeating over and over this 3 min monologue trying to get it word perfect fearing making mistakes , blanking etc....nightmare . it leaves its scars on you for life . i cant remember how well i did but i know i hated school and left it emotionally and educationally cripples... feeling a failure .