Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting evolved with Politics

Why I am getting evolved with Politics

I hated politics; I did not like all the corruption that goes along with it. I felt my vote did not count anyway because the rich always got what they wanted as they use their money to manipulate and spread propaganda to serve the needs of the ones with money and conned most people to just be their slaves as a working force for there own power agendas.

So I keep to friends and myself and got conned into the entertainment propaganda. I did my work to make the money I needed then all else was entertainment. Things to keep me occupied so I would not freak out on things I thought I could not change anyway.

By entertainment I mean things like TV - which is always telling and selling you things they say you need to be happy – cloths, white teeth, perfect hair, how to look like a model, tons of things to look hot so you get that perfect lover that means “you made it – this is what gods wants” so now you should be happy. Other entertainments are sports and the big deal they make out of it with TV world wide coverage… - drinking, partying. All of this takes our thoughts way from the abuse that is really going on in the world and in our back yard.

I am sure as a little kid that you noticed abuse of some kind, and the answer I got when I asked why - was because that is the way it is… Well what can a kid do about an answer like that - but to accept that abuse exists and try and get a happy life for yourself? So then our whole life is spent trying to do all the things society, TV (Rich owns rights to what is shown) tells us to do for approval from God or family or to “Fit in” and what ever else we look to for approval.

I just wanted to fit in “somewhere” I wanted to hang around people that were anesthetizing themselves through all the avenues of entertainment because it looked like fun. I thought it Was Fun. Then I didn’t have to look at the abuse of human nature, I just had to keep myself entertained. And there is a part of me that still wants to do that. I want to be “happy” I can’t be happy if I look to what is going on within the world. This is the dishonesty in our nature, so look out for number one.

So I then went to all kinds of spiritual searching. I spent years with law of attraction and meditation and wanting to become pious. I could go into this forever about all the ways one is to look somewhere else instead of what is HERE.

The way I see it now is there are prophecies of a New Age of things better to come. I never considered that this new age was to come from US! I thought that is was just magically going to happen so I was holding on waiting wondering when it was going to come – trying to stay cool with myself until it happened, then we would all be saved from all our suffering and lack and having to work – yea!

Then I realized that “how is this going to happen”… Oh my God it is US that have to make it happen! There is not just going to be “here we are now” and in some moment it will all be over and the new age is here. WE need us to become the NEW AGE. The “oh my God” 222

The bottom line is there is nowhere else but Here. Here is the reflection of a source that some call God. All the other stuff of salvation and someone to do it for you is in the mind - A formless though that has nothing to do with Here. The mind is an escape of what is true.

Believe me, I can find many reasons not to do this, all for self interest when I honesty investigated. Lazy is one of them, wanting to full fill myself with my own interest - thinking I was doing Gods will by doing WHAT I WANTED. All this has been how we have been programmed to allow abuse to still exist. Don’t do anything about it; let it go on and worry about your own salvation.

If We want the New Age to come we have to Live and be the New Age. And that is where we start to become it by living it, speaking out for it and not accepting and allowing abuse anymore. We will keep coming back to HERE… what HERE do you want to come back to? You cannot come to the new HERE until we ourselves have changed. And one way we can start is by not allowing separation anymore, and stand up for a dignified life for All, including animals.

Thursday, April 8, 2010