Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Backchat - Living Imagination as Truth

I was calling a person about their add on craigslist. The first person I got on the phone and talked to,  I decided I liked him. Then I had to call back and a woman answered. In my backchat I did not like her tone. I even went to the point of “gossiping” my opinion about them to another. When we got there to see the item they were selling, she was the one who talked to us. She was really cool - and when I left I was so pleased with the purchase and how she handled it, that I thanked her profusely. I then saw how I judged her just from her tone of voice. What I did within my mind that I wasn’t aware of at the time, was most likely I had, had a bad experience, or watched a move or read a book where I perceived that a person had this tone. I labeled her as she is jealous because a woman called (me) and asked for Tom because he was the one I talked to before. I assumed her tone was jealous - and I went into all kinds of imagination of what type of person she probably was.
After meeting her I was actually ashamed of my thoughts that I had about her.
And wondered where in the world I came up with those thoughts and even more so that I allowed myself to follow these thought as true without even meeting the person.
This proved to me how we live in a fantasy world within our head of imaginations and live our life as if these imaginations are truths.
Within the Desteni I Process I am learning through daily writing and self-awareness to watch my thoughts and what I am accepting and allowing. By doing the I process - I was able to see my judgments within this point of how a person can be trigger by a tone of voice. 
I like this Quote from a fellow Destonian:
 The entire Mind is an Alternate Reality, therefore we ground ourselves as life as breath that is here as the physical that I am.