Friday, April 29, 2011

Saviour victim scenario

I am sharing something that Sunette/Dimensions wrote:

An 'urge' that exist within beings - is to want to 'save' or 'help' others, 'giving themselves to others' in the attempt to 'rescue' them - beings seeing others as the 'victims' of their situation/experience, believing that they need someone as an 'saviour'.

For example - you may experience this 'saviour-victim' scenario with your parents, wherein you experience your parents to be the victim of themselves and their situation and because you experience this towards them, you must stand within the role of 'saviour'.
Though - here's an interesting point to consider: Another being within your world may experience the 'saviour-victim' scenario towards you - wherein they see you as an victim of your situation, and because they experience this towards you, they must stand within the role of 'saviour'. Victim-saviour is a similar thing to the triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer but has the other vital elements of self-honesty and self-dishonesty and self-direction.

So - everyone exist within and as the 'victim-role' with regards to their own 'personal-experiences/situations' - yet attempts/tries to play 'saviour' to/towards others - No-one actually considering standing up for themselves, taking self-responsibility and assisting and supporting others to do the same: Stop being a 'victim' to/towards yourself and your experience/situation, stand up and take self-responsibility for yourself = 'save yourself'.

This acceptance and allowance that exist within beings, of existing as a 'victim' yet wanting to/attempting to save/rescue yourself through others - has gotten no-one, nowhere - because in wanting to 'save someone' - you're making the statement that they're a 'victim', actually supporting their dishonesty and self-victimization - not actually supporting the being themselves.

So - I'd suggest, stop the 'saviour-victim' game within self and towards others - you're not assisting and supporting yourself and you're not assisting and supporting others as you equal and one.

So, with regards to your parents - 'stabilize' yourself first within you and your world - prove to you that you've stood up and taken self-responsibility for you, live self honesty here as breath as you - then from here, you are the living example to be able to actually really assist and support others as you - in being an example of how to take self-responsibility - of how to 'save yourself' and stop accepting and allowing the existence of self in and as self-victimization.

Let go of wanting to save them - first 'save yourself'.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transcending patterns of co-dependency

With in the Desteni I Process we share what we call back chat with our buddy who support us to see our limiting self patterns that we have accepted and allowed to run our life’s.  This is really cool - because our patterns become so much a part of us - we do not even notice that we are accepting them. Support from others walking this process is paramount for one to see these types of patterns running/ruining our lives and those of others.
I saw some co-dependency back chat thoughts with family and friends. Where I fear I will lose them if they do not understand me. What I am seeing in this is, that I had placed much value on being accepted by my friends. What this did was created a resonate fear within me to convert them to what I am doing so we will “still relate”. Thus I became the convince and convert demon. lol . So within this, as I was doing a rant and rave and set it up as a mind construct, I could see though self honesty and self forgiveness that I had to let go of the fear of not being accepted as that is a patterning believe system that I have accepted and allowed as a fear emotion to make excuses to not do certain things.
The honest part is I have the fear - But the SELF-HONEST, which is self-relation - is I am the one who is allowing this. I also realized that this behavior is not supporting Life. As I am living for a self-imposed illusion of what I think others are thinking and not living my life.
So cool to see this - as I now do not accepted my own belief that I am limited if I do not have the understanding or approval of others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Teacher made me do it!

I noticed self-backchat today as I saw a show where someone was promoted in a group. The thought came that there were a few times when I could have been promoted, but wasn’t. I see now that I had been suppressing the feelings I had when that happened.  . - But now, TODAY I saw a flash of  high school - when the gym teacher thought I had skipped class and she was going to make me a leader in gym- and she was disappointed because she thought I was a bad kid- skipping school! I was devastated because she did not believe that I went home sick and she dismissed the qualities that I had to be gym leader. So now I saw that I hold this image in my mind of people not seeing the qualities that I have. And I have become a victim to this silent back chat- in that a part of me wants people to see my worthiness, approve of me and the other part says why bother that teacher thought I was lying… and so will others. So fuck - I have been “vibrating” this resonantly. The vibration as a blame of others in that they do not see what I am capable of  and my value.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a belief from a teacher to upset me and allow me to use her belief in me as a reason to not do the best I can.
I am seeing that I feel - my best wont be good enough so why bother. As I work within the Desteni I Process where we are taking our mind constructs apart I notice that I can more and more see my limiting silent back chats. They are becoming visible.
I saw also that this is a reason it has been hard for me to write. I was “thinking” I will be seen as not doing it right and so I fear what to should write about, how I should say it. I was going into lots of mind excuses that end up making me just want to give up.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to keeping living the fear and let down that I experienced all those years ago in high school.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a teachers opinion of me to affect me as not good or worthy enough and cause fear of acceptance.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the idea of doing it right.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the fear of doing it right to affect my life and how I live it.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief that I am not a person of worth.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself judge myself as not worthy or able.
I forgive myself for letting these thoughts stop me from being all I can be, thus living a life in fear of what others think. 
This is cool, because I have been pushing myself regardless, and because of the pushing and standing even though difficult at times - I have discovered a part of this resonance thought pattern that I can now work with and delete.
I now stop this idea of people wont see my “worth” so why bother
It is a limiting mind program that I DO NOT ACCEPT AND ALLOW AND LONGER
I Now Move Forward in Life - And I take charge
You Can Change at age 57!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What’s In It For Me

This program is what has caused the state of existence that we are in.
We have passes this on and on as a genetic virus that is slowly killing off humanity.
Humane ity will now have to learn what this is. We have not lived as hu-man, we have lived as de-man - Demon - Vampires that take from one another for an energetic experience that we have allowed to posses us. Standing up for ALL as Equal is TRUE LIFE. Any other reason to live just de-mans = Lessens Man as an participation within True Life. This has to stop within each one of us or there will be No Life that will last.

This is why we at Desteni are creating a New Destiny by changing the very nature of our own Being to start to think and Live in away that considers what is best for All of Life

With the Desteni (I) Process -
We start to take a look at our own thinking and how it is affecting ours and others life's. And learn how to make a change and stop the thinking that cause abuse, separation, quilt, blame, self pity, limitation, fear.

Then with exploring and understanding the nature of money and how it has been used to abuse and control, we are coming up with a physical practical way that can support All, changing the old habitual thinking of "What's in it for me" to What will support all of Life in the Best way"
Equal Money System - Bringing Forth a Dignified Life for All