Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transcending patterns of co-dependency

With in the Desteni I Process we share what we call back chat with our buddy who support us to see our limiting self patterns that we have accepted and allowed to run our life’s.  This is really cool - because our patterns become so much a part of us - we do not even notice that we are accepting them. Support from others walking this process is paramount for one to see these types of patterns running/ruining our lives and those of others.
I saw some co-dependency back chat thoughts with family and friends. Where I fear I will lose them if they do not understand me. What I am seeing in this is, that I had placed much value on being accepted by my friends. What this did was created a resonate fear within me to convert them to what I am doing so we will “still relate”. Thus I became the convince and convert demon. lol . So within this, as I was doing a rant and rave and set it up as a mind construct, I could see though self honesty and self forgiveness that I had to let go of the fear of not being accepted as that is a patterning believe system that I have accepted and allowed as a fear emotion to make excuses to not do certain things.
The honest part is I have the fear - But the SELF-HONEST, which is self-relation - is I am the one who is allowing this. I also realized that this behavior is not supporting Life. As I am living for a self-imposed illusion of what I think others are thinking and not living my life.
So cool to see this - as I now do not accepted my own belief that I am limited if I do not have the understanding or approval of others.

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