Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Need to Work Together

This was copied from the Desteni Forum
"...We live through our lives in our reality, this one life that we have, and we get to the end of it and what's left is a disabled physical that is completely drained of everything that it once was, roaming in memories of energetic remembrances and – we basically just become a nostalgic replay of what our life once was...
in the end becoming what we've always been, simply a meat-sack that supports an energetic existence within a realm of thought, where nothing that we lived, nothing that we did, nothing of who we are had any relevance, any significance or any impact on anything or anyone but the creation of our own death, and we a die a forgotten soul... while the rest of existence remain hypnotized within the momentary profanity of seeking the next ‘high’, and eventually just getting to the same point of...at the end of it all wondering what was the point of it all...
And we ask the question with regards to what is life, why are we here, what are we doing here – all the questions about our own existence – and the fact that all those questions are coming up are obviously indicating we are not life, we are not living – and the reason we can’t find a reason or purpose is because there isn’t any; We haven’t actually lived any real reason or any real purpose into and as this reality.

So what we are suggesting within Desteni, within self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application, the equal money system – it’s bringing the whole aspect of Self AND the world-system into an equal and one starting-point stand – wherein we are no more just these meat-sacks of thought, wondering through reality just creating consequence and harm for ourselves and others, living from one ‘high’ to the next, eventually depleting ourselves to the point where we die a long time before we actually physically die; lived into and through a world-system that merely support survival and self-interest, where only a select few survive; Most of the world is not at all supported within the current world system.

So these two very significant points of change: Self and this world-system, this money-system = with changing those two points we change this entire existence and our self-experience within it. Thus, we suggest considering that we are able to make this reality and ourselves an experience of permanence – Creating and establishing Trust, wherein we are able to establish a reality where we can actually live and actually explore what it means to live, what life is as ourselves; and within that what it all means as an actual living expression within oneness and equality.
So we change ourselves, we change the money-system = we change this existence, we change the world; And then the Answer to what life is, why are we here, what is the reason and purpose and what is the point – can thus be answered through us LIVING the answers.”
My experiance when reading the above words:
These words spoken bring tears to my eyes as I have longed for this my whole life- but all I could do is spin in the web that is this world. Trying many ways to get out, get free. All it did was feed the energy of highs and lows, thinking the energetic high was the answer and beating myself up when I was the opposite of the high.
I though life was about feeling good. And I blamed human nature as the cause of why I could not sustain it, as I looked around and so many people are not happy, suffering because of lack of money, worried about getting a good job, marriages that did not seem real because of the fighting and co-dependency of fear, the greed and lack of concern for others.
I went searching the 'spiritaul' route- which mostly said to love in your heart- to see the love, or to learn how to 'manifest' your desires. But all desires are of acquiring something out side ourselfs to be happy. But how is one to be happy when the person next to you is suffering from emotional bondage and seeks the high for relief.
I see now that this is the way, as a group - to assist and support all of us, as we are all going through these same fears as accepting and allowing emotions and feelings that were programed to keep us from Life.
Thanks for the continued support

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