Friday, January 28, 2011

What “words” to use for Scholarship = $$

I have been working on writing a self-recommendation letter to apply for Grant money for college. It had been very interesting and a bit frustrating in the fact that I have to write a story that will captivate the readers who are going to decide if they will give me the money and not another!
At times I feel like fuck you I don’t want your money and a prostitute searching for the right words to say that will cause and orgasm in them to want to give me the money!
It was said that those who are not considered successful in the world are the ones that see the deception and abuse of money/profit over what is best for all the world.
And this is true in my case. It is not that I did not want to work because I have since age 13 and I actually enjoy working in unity with people. But what I don’t like are all the lies and abuse that we are expected to accept and allow and are called being successful!

So why am I doing this? I am hoping that I can make a difference. I am hoping I can use the system because it is just plainly the way we have allowed it to be - to change the system. With out money at this point we cannot be effective in any change. Though what we can do with what money we have is to make it stand as a voice to be heard. Meaning now I am working or “asking” for money to support me as a person who can stand up and say no more to this system as it is not supporting what is best for all.
Now this money is “worth” something. Lets bring about Heaven on earth. Not profit. As profit only means you have/want more than another.

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