Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking about money – always in the background of the mind.

Ever single thing a person does is about money, thus then most our “thinking” time is about money.
When I was young I didnt know that money was why we had a house, cloths and food. When I wanted something I would often hear we dont have the money – I didnt know what that meant, I just thought I was bad or they were mean and not want to give it to me. Of course then one day when I asked why a friend of mine could get a new bike and I cant my mom said your Dad does not get as much money from his job as others. I then asked what is a job and finally I put the peaces together. Oh he doent get paid like some of the others do, so we cant have what they do. Though it still did not make sense I finally just accepted that because I just had too.

Now as I woke up this morning I saw me come out of a nothingness where I did not know what I was, it was like a clean slate feeling, then the more I became conscious I saw oh – I am the Adele person that has to get up out of bed and start her day to make money...I have to do this so I will get money, I have to that, I have to organize my money for this and that, do I have enough for this and that. If I eat the food, I have to buy more. It is like even when you eat food and drink water it is really eating money because you cant get it with out money... Bizarre! We live and breath money. Because we have allowed this money belief system to govern our life as who we are.
I wonder who I would be if my thoughts were not mostly about money! About survival. I dont know... God what a perfect plan to keep us enslaved, the idea believe that we need money. All that we have here can be shared and we can work to take care of ourselfs, we can build houses, grow food, develop technology all of that with out a piece of paper called money! We could work in communities where we take turns to do what is needed to take care of each other with out the money system. Then our own self value would not depend on a number--- Like the number of dollars you have makes you more of a person...This type of system has no value for life – only the gaining of numbers to label one as money.
I mean – can we stop this now! Can we wake up in the morning and not have to see and look for dollars every single day. Who would we be?
I say make Known the Unknown – we have never Known a life where our value has not been placed as a number called money.
Desteni is a group of people who are making the paradigm shift to a new world that supports Life, not limits it by value of money

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