Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Special Feeling Part 1 of 6

A discussion between Bernard and Cameron about when we have thoughts of "special feelings" towards another. Copied from the Desteni forum.  (Also read the document on emotions)
 Part 1
And we continue on the Understanding of How the Resonant Alignments is Structured within Relationships and why Relationships are Not ‘Agreements’ that you are the Directive Principle-of.

You’ll find a Fascinating thing is that there are within your Relationship in this world, a curious thing that is ‘Guiding’-you, you have this ‘Feeling’, this ‘Feeling’ that there is a ‘special place’ for you and you are looking for this ‘place’, and this ‘special place’ is a ‘special person’ – with which you can share your life – it is a ‘special job’ where you are enjoying what you’re doing and you’re comfortable, and it is a ‘special relationship with Creation’ or some ‘Greater Power’ that confirms your Purpose to be in Affect within Alignment of this ‘Greater Power’ so that you can ‘Live-out your life’ without a ‘worry’ because you have ‘found’ the ‘Purpose’, the ‘Reason’, ‘Why you Exist’ that was ‘given to you’ – and therefore, you stop all questioning and you Live-out the Answer you have ‘received’ – whether it’d be Religious, Job-wise or Relationship-wise.

Now this whole thing, let’s start with Relationships – has been Programmed into ‘Layers’ or ‘Phases’ or ‘Comparisons’. Now in Afrikaans the word ‘die Stappe van Vergelyking’ that is ‘Stages of Likeness’ it is all a movement from a ‘smaller’-point to a ‘larger’-point, it is – what is those words used when you say words like ‘Best-Better’ – ‘Best’ – Eh?

Cameron: Superlative?

Bernard: Is that Superlatives? Comparative, Superlatives

Ok that’s what makes Life all more ‘Super’ isn’t it? ‘Superlative’s, it is the Relativity of Superlatives, Superlatively I mean: ‘Super-Relativity’, you wanna move from one word to a word that is ‘bigger’ and a word that is ‘bigger’ and that makes you feel ‘more’ and ‘more’ and ‘more’ until you have found the point where you are ‘Equal’ to the ‘Feeling’ that is in-you.

This ‘Feeling’ you become aware of quite early on in Life and once it starts to ‘show’ it tends-to ‘overpower’ everything you do in your ‘Search’, your ‘Seeking’ for ‘Reason and Purpose’, your seeking for the place ‘where you belong’ in this Reality – once you have or you are within that point obviously it’s going-to ‘fuck with you’ in quite a various number of ways.

If you dare to be Self-Honest within the Observation of the ‘Levels of Comparison’ that you ‘move-through’ as you are searching for this ‘Feeling’ that you ‘believe’ is ‘you’, you’ll notice a peculiar thing that the tendency of this ‘Feeling’ is: to ‘Isolate’-you or ‘Pin-point’-you, or ‘Direct’-you more and more to a singularity, a ‘singular-position’ where you feel your ‘Position’ in this Reality as ‘fully-defensible’ – you can ‘defend yourself’ in all-ways and you are satisfied with your ‘position’ and ‘nobody can move you’ and you’ll ‘stick’ with-that ‘Until Death do you part’ from this Reality. This is also even embedded within the Contract of Marriage in terms of ‘Death do you part’ within that Construct – so how does it ‘Operate’?

You will for instance start within your ‘Teenage-years’ with a peculiar experience where you suddenly become aware of the ‘opposite-sex’, of the ‘Desire to be with someone else’ because it makes you feel ‘special’- have a look how it starts - it start as a sudden ‘Energetic-Awareness’ within you, you’ll find it curious that before that ‘Energy’ started you normally would have a ‘problem’ with the ‘opposite-sex’ and do not want to be ‘near-them’- but suddenly, you become ‘aware’ of this Feeling and it becomes quite ‘over-powering’ and this Feeling is ‘Driven’ by one-singular-thing: you want to Explore Sexuality, the only thing that prevents you from doing that, is all the ‘Fear’ messages that’s been given to you during your upbringing by the Parents and your Religions that ‘you should wait’ with Sex till you are a ‘certain’-age and you are ‘mature-enough’ because if you would have Sex too early, there’ll be Children and you’re not yet ready to Educate Children – but you can’t help yourself and you’ll Design all kinds of ‘Secret Ways’ to have ‘Secret Meetings’ where you will Explore Sexuality as a Child – this starts at various ages, and within that you are so consumed by your Desire that you really don’t care about anything-else and you will ‘push’ that point and that point will cause-you to Develop quite a number of ‘Survival Techniques’ which is based on ways of Deceiving everyone around you so that they do not find-out what you are really doing. And this is all Part of Developing your ‘Deceptive Nature’, the way to Deceive another and you are Integrating this in your ‘teenage-years’ which is the Time of the ‘Emotional-Body’ to a great extent so that when it comes-to later life, you can ‘live it out’ without any trouble and with ‘great ease’ to make sure that ‘The Secret’ you are desiring to ‘fulfil’, the ‘Feeling’, the Point of ‘Power’, the Point of ‘Position’ that you can ‘Live this out’ with Effectiveness and Control and nobody ever find-out the Real thoughts that went-in behind the ‘planning-out’ of what you’re doing.

But now in your ‘teenage-years’ you will now Explore-this and you’ll move between Relationships. Now, what is fascinating within-this is that: as long as the Person submit to your ‘advances’ for sexuality, you tend to be with them – if they would ‘Reject’ you, and they are not particularly ‘popular’ you will attack them and you will say ‘nasty’ things about them and you’ll try and ‘move-them’ or ‘place-them’ already in the category of being either a ‘whore’ or someone that has got some ‘sexual-dysfunction’ – while it’s obviously not true but at a ‘teenage-age’ when you are searching for ‘your feeling’, ‘your desire’, you’ll have no-morality whatsoever and you will Harm extensively. And I mean you all have seen this happen or even participated in this to a great extent, where when whenever you cannot get ‘your way’ – we have the same thing happening with Desteni where we will get messages on the ‘Private Message’ where proposals of marriage and sex is made and if that is not answered or rejected, then the being will become very Nasty and attack- Frosti2008 is one of them that started with ‘Love messages’ and then it all turned into Hate, it just shows the absolute ‘maturity’ of the being and how they’re being Controlled by their ‘Feeling’ they believe is ‘real’ – and then obviously Manipulates as much as possible and all the Fools that follow ‘fall’, because they’re only looking-at what is being presented, they’re not looking at the CommonSense Point and ‘How’ the Energy and the Feeling actually ‘Operates’, they have no Actual Understanding of this Reality.

Any form of ‘Spiritual Process’ that is presented in this world that do-not Explore the Actuality of ‘How’ things are Actually ‘coming-together’ which everyone in this Reality has Actually-Lived, is Deception, it’s based on this Deception of Looking for this ‘Feeling’ and is Manipulation, and will take-you Nowhere.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Everlasting Gift of Love

Many people during the Holiday Seasons do volunteer work for the needy - they give them food and clothing.  But what about this - Why do we not as a group bring about a practical solution that will stop the need for charity - because all have what they need by birthright.
If it where not for our believe that “profit” is the way to a happy and fulfilling life- All of us/humanity, could be living in dignity. What I am asking is that you look at how our current system is abusive to those who do not have the opportunity for good education and adequate food and shelter just because they do not have money. And the need for profit - always creates and unbalance - because profit in big corporations, is having more than another. We can see how this has caused untold abuse and raping of earth resources and using people as slave labor to achieve this. So what I am saying is we need to change what we have accepted and allowed for so many life times. The salvation of this world is only waiting FOR US - to make that change from thinking we need to live in a profit and loss system.

Those who are involved with Desteni are a group of people exploring Oneness and Equality principles. With in this we are investigating a practical solution to end poverty and abuse. We have come up with what we are calling an Equal Money System. It is in it infancy stages and is being scrutinized and developed bit by bit daily.
We are supporting BIG (Basic Income Grant) and from there we can move even further in support of a Life that is Best for all living things via the Equal Money System.
So what can be an Everlasting Gift you can give to All?
 A Gift that will change the very nature of who we have become and will support the future children as generations to come.
We are Humanity - whether alive now or in the future - What kind of Future would you like to be born into?
Christmas - means Christ in MASS - The mass of humanity living the words of Christ - Give to another what you would like given to you. That means adequate food, shelter and education to live a dignified life. Lets stop the word destitute and bring about heaven on earth.

I am not say to stop giving to the poor at this time - but along with this, start to support a system that will end poverty altogether.
There are many ways to get evolved.
Start using the Equal Money Badge on Facebook - support those supporting a change.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Could Stargate be telling us something?

We as a species have not evolved yet. We have done this 11 times = billions of years each time. Do these picture look familiar? We have allowed ourselves to believe that God will punish abusers and we will go to heaven if we are good. This type of brainwashing allows abdication of responsibly making us slaves to an imagined savior.
Each time we miss this one point - that of equality. We have lived as self-interest and not Common interest. This is evident in everything we do. Even LOA is deceptive and abusive to LIFE - Meaning we want for ourselves and do not consider what is best for all.
The planets Eco systems are being destroyed because of greed and profit. People want to live like the rich and famous and are calling this manifesting when in fact - this is only self interest and not considering what would be best for all HERE. For example to have a life of the rich and famous - one needs slaves to do the labor for the things one wants.  We go on buying sprees to fulfill a temporary high - but do not see that half the world is starving through abuse, neglect and products of capitalism. Desteni has a solution that would benefit all of Earth, mankind, animals and nature - where all can live a dignified life together. This would be of the highest good - and would be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history. We have this One Life to do this - otherwise we go back to not remembering AGAIN- and start all over. How many times to we need to allow ourselves to believe that suffering from abuse is okay?

Dare to Stand Up as Yourself as LIFE
Lets start with an Equal Money System -
With the Equal Money System as showed by BIG, this will be done on a global scale - as a living statement of valuing all life equally - It will be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history.
Change our programed nature and Desteni