Friday, November 25, 2011

The Everlasting Gift of Love

Many people during the Holiday Seasons do volunteer work for the needy - they give them food and clothing.  But what about this - Why do we not as a group bring about a practical solution that will stop the need for charity - because all have what they need by birthright.
If it where not for our believe that “profit” is the way to a happy and fulfilling life- All of us/humanity, could be living in dignity. What I am asking is that you look at how our current system is abusive to those who do not have the opportunity for good education and adequate food and shelter just because they do not have money. And the need for profit - always creates and unbalance - because profit in big corporations, is having more than another. We can see how this has caused untold abuse and raping of earth resources and using people as slave labor to achieve this. So what I am saying is we need to change what we have accepted and allowed for so many life times. The salvation of this world is only waiting FOR US - to make that change from thinking we need to live in a profit and loss system.

Those who are involved with Desteni are a group of people exploring Oneness and Equality principles. With in this we are investigating a practical solution to end poverty and abuse. We have come up with what we are calling an Equal Money System. It is in it infancy stages and is being scrutinized and developed bit by bit daily.
We are supporting BIG (Basic Income Grant) and from there we can move even further in support of a Life that is Best for all living things via the Equal Money System.
So what can be an Everlasting Gift you can give to All?
 A Gift that will change the very nature of who we have become and will support the future children as generations to come.
We are Humanity - whether alive now or in the future - What kind of Future would you like to be born into?
Christmas - means Christ in MASS - The mass of humanity living the words of Christ - Give to another what you would like given to you. That means adequate food, shelter and education to live a dignified life. Lets stop the word destitute and bring about heaven on earth.

I am not say to stop giving to the poor at this time - but along with this, start to support a system that will end poverty altogether.
There are many ways to get evolved.
Start using the Equal Money Badge on Facebook - support those supporting a change.

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