Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another layer of Better Than

Today I noticed that I think that I might be threading to people because of the self-honesty work I am doing within me. I caught myself thinking that if I talk to another, especially to a friend, someone that I think I need in my life that I fear to piss them off or to show that I am standing because they will think I am better than them… Ahh I see this is a point that I experienced with my brother. I was sharing with him when I first started Desteni and he became angry with me, thinking that I believe that I was better than him because I was do SF… Well shit! I now see that I did think that I was better than him, I thought that he should be doing it, I thought that he will be missing the boat if he doesn’t it. I was pushing him to do it, to see it my way, I wanted him to agree with me and support me. I thought that I had found the key to self and that he didn’t… That I was going forward and he wasn’t!.. Fuck if that is not a better than bullshit.
Thank you! Another self-deception exposed.