Thursday, November 17, 2011

Could Stargate be telling us something?

We as a species have not evolved yet. We have done this 11 times = billions of years each time. Do these picture look familiar? We have allowed ourselves to believe that God will punish abusers and we will go to heaven if we are good. This type of brainwashing allows abdication of responsibly making us slaves to an imagined savior.
Each time we miss this one point - that of equality. We have lived as self-interest and not Common interest. This is evident in everything we do. Even LOA is deceptive and abusive to LIFE - Meaning we want for ourselves and do not consider what is best for all.
The planets Eco systems are being destroyed because of greed and profit. People want to live like the rich and famous and are calling this manifesting when in fact - this is only self interest and not considering what would be best for all HERE. For example to have a life of the rich and famous - one needs slaves to do the labor for the things one wants.  We go on buying sprees to fulfill a temporary high - but do not see that half the world is starving through abuse, neglect and products of capitalism. Desteni has a solution that would benefit all of Earth, mankind, animals and nature - where all can live a dignified life together. This would be of the highest good - and would be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history. We have this One Life to do this - otherwise we go back to not remembering AGAIN- and start all over. How many times to we need to allow ourselves to believe that suffering from abuse is okay?

Dare to Stand Up as Yourself as LIFE
Lets start with an Equal Money System -
With the Equal Money System as showed by BIG, this will be done on a global scale - as a living statement of valuing all life equally - It will be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history.
Change our programed nature and Desteni 

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