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Special Feeling Part 2 of 6

 Continuing - A discussion between Bernard and Cameron about "special feelings" towards another, a post from the Desteni forum.
So let’s continue in terms of the point of the ‘Teenage-years’. So now, obviously Multiple-forms of Abuse develop during the ‘Teenage years’ as kids will ‘Gang-up’ and when you don’t ‘get your way with a girl’ where you will destroy her Image, because: she dared to say ‘No’ to you, and you wanted to fuck-her. And I mean, the Basic ‘Human-Teenager’ is a Real ‘Ugly-Nasty-Piece of Meat’ which is the result obviously of the Suppressions of the Parents that come out, because the Parents used to do the same shit –and they have Suppressed-it and Transferred-it to the Children which is how ‘The Sins of the Father are visited upon the Children’ - and obviously the Parents do not want to see that, because they are already trapped in the next ‘Feeling’ which is normally Religion and where they Deny what they have done as Child ‘at all costs’, because they are just ‘weak’ and ‘sinful’ and ‘Jesus has died for their Sins’ –and that Death has ‘washed them clean’ in ‘Red Blood’ that’s very ‘sticky’, but apparently it does not work like that in Religion, I mean you don’t use water to wash yourself, you use fucking blood - playing ‘Satanic Worship’, but ‘who fucking cares ?’ because it shows you that the Human Being in the search of this ‘Feeling’ really do not look at: Reason, Common Sense, obvious things that they have experienced-themselves, no Self-Honesty and simply ‘play out’ the ‘Feeling’, the Pre-Program.

So now the Pre-Program will also run in a peculiar way in which it ‘moves’ when two people go into an Relationship, one will develop ‘faster’ than the other, normally within an ‘Intellectual Capacity’ or within an ‘Observational Capacity’ and when two people are together they will-then tend to ‘move’ in Opposite Directions, because this is a ‘Reality of Opposites’. In the movement in ‘Opposite-Directions’ there will eventually develop a Separation in the Relationship and eventually you will face each-other and say: ‘You know, we can’t be together anymore, we don’t have the same interests anymore’. But, not too long ago you had ‘the same interests’ which was obviously Sex, but I mean you had ‘the same interests’.

Now in your ‘moving apart’ you have had your eyes ‘dwell upon the ‘Great Crops of Flesh’ that is placed-upon the Earth for your ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Consideration’, and as you have dwelt upon-it you have moved from one to another, to another seeking-out the next one you could ‘captivate’ and ‘hold captive’ so that you can Fuck the thing, I mean that’s the point of Flesh isn’t it: ‘Let’s fuck and have Pleasure’ –But you will never ‘Speak the Truth’ about-it, because: that is not ‘Socially Acceptable’ –you mean you do-it between four-walls behind curtains with sound-proofing to make sure nobody finds-out what the fuck you’re doing–but, who would dare to be Self-Honest about ‘what the fuck it is they’re really doing? Not a Human Being because, if you are Self-Honest, you will be Exposed to the ‘Attack of the Gangs’, you will enter ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ – ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ says: ‘Let me judge-you until you go to Hell, I will place-you in Hell’.

The fact that Jesus said: ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ –because you will-only ‘Judge’ that which you have Done-Yourself –you can only ‘Speak- it’ because you’ve ‘Done-it’, which is why Self-Forgiveness is Relevant.
It is thus important to note that in this ‘movement’ in a Relationships as you’re ‘moving apart’, a peculiar thing happen: one of the Partners would like to ‘stay’ in the Religion or hum...which is Religion/Relationship - because Relationship is like a Religion, isn’t it, you ‘Believe’ in-it –so one would like to ‘stay’ in-it and one would like to ‘move on’ - so one normally will make the decision and one will be the pain and one will ask ‘why did it happen’ and the other one will try and explain, and you’ll never Agree and now after the Relationship that started ‘with so much Feeling’ and ‘so much Love’, falls-apart - you’ll even refuse to Touch or Communicate Face-to-Face or Consider each-other at all –I mean there will just be ‘Hate’ and ‘Anger’, ‘Resentment’, all kinds of stuff - and suddenly your life will-change, isn’t it? Instantaneously, you move-into a ‘New Dimension’. And whatever was the past will Die and never be mentioned again - that’s why you go-into a ‘New Dimension’.

So in your ‘New Dimension’ you’ll now obviously only-mention the ‘new things’ that’s relevant to the ‘Feeling’ you are searching to ‘fulfil’ - and therefore you will adjust your information accordingly and now ‘move’ with ‘great velocity’ towards the point where you-can ‘couple’-again and you can either place ‘your Penis in a Vagina’ or ‘your Vagina over a Penis’ and so you can ‘pin’ your ‘easiness’ of your Reality and ‘hopefully’ chop... stop the ‘angina’ in-your ‘heart area’ where there-is this ‘Pressure’ that says: ‘I Need Love, my Heart is seeking for fulfilment, you are in my Heart’ - So now this ‘angina’ get to you until you have the point of your ‘Great Feeling’ that comes-together in the Flesh and then your Heart-opens and you say: ‘I am Love, I am Beauty, oh I Love you so much’ –but if the partner dare to say: ‘No, we’re not fucking tonight’ then obviously there’s ‘big shit’ - but I mean, everybody experienced-it buy nobody wants to be Self-Honest about the ‘Real Human Experience’: What Really Happens.

So now, you are in your ‘New Dimension’ and exactly the same-point ‘happens’. Within this a peculiar-thing happens within your Psyche. Your Psyche is the way you develop your ‘Fuzzy Logic’ to make decisions that is more ‘effective’, that is ‘Deciding Keys’: that is called your ‘Psyche’ which will be your ‘Psychology’ which is the way you’re gonna deal with this World – So, in your Psyche will develop a peculiar-observation in where you will note: ‘what words to use’, ‘what movements’, ‘when to laugh’, ‘how to laugh’, ‘how to touch’, ‘what to say’, ‘what-not to say’, ‘which thoughts to share’, ‘which ones not to share’, ‘when to fart’, ‘when-not to fart’, ‘how to eat’... every single thing to suit your ‘New Dimension’ which is obviously Controlled-by the things you want to Control, which is your Arrangements of Partnerships that Satisfy this ‘Feeling’, but this ‘Feeling’ is a Fucker because, soon after you have ‘fulfilled’ this Feeling for a moment, it starts to ‘Feel again’ and it ‘wants more’ –it’s like this ever, never-ending, consuming little-fucker that just ‘wants more’. So immediately when it ‘wants more’ a thought arrives in your Mind saying: ‘What-if this is not my ‘Soul Mate’?’, ‘What-if this Love is not Real?’, ‘What-if he’s been lying to me? He didn’t tell me everything about his past’, ‘What-if?’ - And all these thoughts arrives and you start to ‘feed’-them, you start to ‘think about-it’ and in the ‘thinking about-it’ you’re creating an ‘Entity’, the ‘Entity’ obviously start to ‘Possess’ within the ‘Structural Resonance Entity’ that ‘takes-over’, there a division develop within the Relationship and where the Sex used to be ‘great’ in the beginning, it becomes an ‘area’ or a ‘part less gone-to’ - you don’t really wanna ‘go there’ because you suddenly start to notice the ‘smell’, you start to notice peculiar ‘small things’, that is Bothering you and I mean you start to think-about: ‘What-if it’s not the same with another person?’.

And so you develop the whole-thing and where it came-together, the whole-thing start to ‘fall apart’ and you use Logic and Reason and ‘beautiful words’ to justify why it’s ‘happening’, but you’ll never be Self-Honest about the ‘Thinking Process’ that went-on ‘Behind the Scene’, because you ‘Believe’ that is your ‘Free Will’ –that nasty fucking-bullshit that goes-on in the ‘background’ - And that gives you the ‘right’ to do whatever you wanna-do and it’s real nasty-shit that goes-on in a Human Being, I mean, you could be so ‘grateful’ that you don’t see another Human’s thoughts, because you will puke all the time for the Nastiness which is existing as a Human. And the presentation that is ‘presented’ as the Human in ‘Words’ and ‘Physical Presentation’ is ‘nowhere-near’ the ‘Real-Story’ going-on Inside ‘The Mind’. That’s the whole-reason this Reality is so Fucked-up, it’s because the ‘Real Person’ is ‘sitting in thought’ inside, ‘playing God’ with their Reality and trying-to ‘Control’-others for one simple-thing: Pleasure and to Fulfil this ‘little-Feeling’.
Check out or Desteni for more articles

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Special Feeling Part 1 of 6

A discussion between Bernard and Cameron about when we have thoughts of "special feelings" towards another. Copied from the Desteni forum.  (Also read the document on emotions)
 Part 1
And we continue on the Understanding of How the Resonant Alignments is Structured within Relationships and why Relationships are Not ‘Agreements’ that you are the Directive Principle-of.

You’ll find a Fascinating thing is that there are within your Relationship in this world, a curious thing that is ‘Guiding’-you, you have this ‘Feeling’, this ‘Feeling’ that there is a ‘special place’ for you and you are looking for this ‘place’, and this ‘special place’ is a ‘special person’ – with which you can share your life – it is a ‘special job’ where you are enjoying what you’re doing and you’re comfortable, and it is a ‘special relationship with Creation’ or some ‘Greater Power’ that confirms your Purpose to be in Affect within Alignment of this ‘Greater Power’ so that you can ‘Live-out your life’ without a ‘worry’ because you have ‘found’ the ‘Purpose’, the ‘Reason’, ‘Why you Exist’ that was ‘given to you’ – and therefore, you stop all questioning and you Live-out the Answer you have ‘received’ – whether it’d be Religious, Job-wise or Relationship-wise.

Now this whole thing, let’s start with Relationships – has been Programmed into ‘Layers’ or ‘Phases’ or ‘Comparisons’. Now in Afrikaans the word ‘die Stappe van Vergelyking’ that is ‘Stages of Likeness’ it is all a movement from a ‘smaller’-point to a ‘larger’-point, it is – what is those words used when you say words like ‘Best-Better’ – ‘Best’ – Eh?

Cameron: Superlative?

Bernard: Is that Superlatives? Comparative, Superlatives

Ok that’s what makes Life all more ‘Super’ isn’t it? ‘Superlative’s, it is the Relativity of Superlatives, Superlatively I mean: ‘Super-Relativity’, you wanna move from one word to a word that is ‘bigger’ and a word that is ‘bigger’ and that makes you feel ‘more’ and ‘more’ and ‘more’ until you have found the point where you are ‘Equal’ to the ‘Feeling’ that is in-you.

This ‘Feeling’ you become aware of quite early on in Life and once it starts to ‘show’ it tends-to ‘overpower’ everything you do in your ‘Search’, your ‘Seeking’ for ‘Reason and Purpose’, your seeking for the place ‘where you belong’ in this Reality – once you have or you are within that point obviously it’s going-to ‘fuck with you’ in quite a various number of ways.

If you dare to be Self-Honest within the Observation of the ‘Levels of Comparison’ that you ‘move-through’ as you are searching for this ‘Feeling’ that you ‘believe’ is ‘you’, you’ll notice a peculiar thing that the tendency of this ‘Feeling’ is: to ‘Isolate’-you or ‘Pin-point’-you, or ‘Direct’-you more and more to a singularity, a ‘singular-position’ where you feel your ‘Position’ in this Reality as ‘fully-defensible’ – you can ‘defend yourself’ in all-ways and you are satisfied with your ‘position’ and ‘nobody can move you’ and you’ll ‘stick’ with-that ‘Until Death do you part’ from this Reality. This is also even embedded within the Contract of Marriage in terms of ‘Death do you part’ within that Construct – so how does it ‘Operate’?

You will for instance start within your ‘Teenage-years’ with a peculiar experience where you suddenly become aware of the ‘opposite-sex’, of the ‘Desire to be with someone else’ because it makes you feel ‘special’- have a look how it starts - it start as a sudden ‘Energetic-Awareness’ within you, you’ll find it curious that before that ‘Energy’ started you normally would have a ‘problem’ with the ‘opposite-sex’ and do not want to be ‘near-them’- but suddenly, you become ‘aware’ of this Feeling and it becomes quite ‘over-powering’ and this Feeling is ‘Driven’ by one-singular-thing: you want to Explore Sexuality, the only thing that prevents you from doing that, is all the ‘Fear’ messages that’s been given to you during your upbringing by the Parents and your Religions that ‘you should wait’ with Sex till you are a ‘certain’-age and you are ‘mature-enough’ because if you would have Sex too early, there’ll be Children and you’re not yet ready to Educate Children – but you can’t help yourself and you’ll Design all kinds of ‘Secret Ways’ to have ‘Secret Meetings’ where you will Explore Sexuality as a Child – this starts at various ages, and within that you are so consumed by your Desire that you really don’t care about anything-else and you will ‘push’ that point and that point will cause-you to Develop quite a number of ‘Survival Techniques’ which is based on ways of Deceiving everyone around you so that they do not find-out what you are really doing. And this is all Part of Developing your ‘Deceptive Nature’, the way to Deceive another and you are Integrating this in your ‘teenage-years’ which is the Time of the ‘Emotional-Body’ to a great extent so that when it comes-to later life, you can ‘live it out’ without any trouble and with ‘great ease’ to make sure that ‘The Secret’ you are desiring to ‘fulfil’, the ‘Feeling’, the Point of ‘Power’, the Point of ‘Position’ that you can ‘Live this out’ with Effectiveness and Control and nobody ever find-out the Real thoughts that went-in behind the ‘planning-out’ of what you’re doing.

But now in your ‘teenage-years’ you will now Explore-this and you’ll move between Relationships. Now, what is fascinating within-this is that: as long as the Person submit to your ‘advances’ for sexuality, you tend to be with them – if they would ‘Reject’ you, and they are not particularly ‘popular’ you will attack them and you will say ‘nasty’ things about them and you’ll try and ‘move-them’ or ‘place-them’ already in the category of being either a ‘whore’ or someone that has got some ‘sexual-dysfunction’ – while it’s obviously not true but at a ‘teenage-age’ when you are searching for ‘your feeling’, ‘your desire’, you’ll have no-morality whatsoever and you will Harm extensively. And I mean you all have seen this happen or even participated in this to a great extent, where when whenever you cannot get ‘your way’ – we have the same thing happening with Desteni where we will get messages on the ‘Private Message’ where proposals of marriage and sex is made and if that is not answered or rejected, then the being will become very Nasty and attack- Frosti2008 is one of them that started with ‘Love messages’ and then it all turned into Hate, it just shows the absolute ‘maturity’ of the being and how they’re being Controlled by their ‘Feeling’ they believe is ‘real’ – and then obviously Manipulates as much as possible and all the Fools that follow ‘fall’, because they’re only looking-at what is being presented, they’re not looking at the CommonSense Point and ‘How’ the Energy and the Feeling actually ‘Operates’, they have no Actual Understanding of this Reality.

Any form of ‘Spiritual Process’ that is presented in this world that do-not Explore the Actuality of ‘How’ things are Actually ‘coming-together’ which everyone in this Reality has Actually-Lived, is Deception, it’s based on this Deception of Looking for this ‘Feeling’ and is Manipulation, and will take-you Nowhere.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Everlasting Gift of Love

Many people during the Holiday Seasons do volunteer work for the needy - they give them food and clothing.  But what about this - Why do we not as a group bring about a practical solution that will stop the need for charity - because all have what they need by birthright.
If it where not for our believe that “profit” is the way to a happy and fulfilling life- All of us/humanity, could be living in dignity. What I am asking is that you look at how our current system is abusive to those who do not have the opportunity for good education and adequate food and shelter just because they do not have money. And the need for profit - always creates and unbalance - because profit in big corporations, is having more than another. We can see how this has caused untold abuse and raping of earth resources and using people as slave labor to achieve this. So what I am saying is we need to change what we have accepted and allowed for so many life times. The salvation of this world is only waiting FOR US - to make that change from thinking we need to live in a profit and loss system.

Those who are involved with Desteni are a group of people exploring Oneness and Equality principles. With in this we are investigating a practical solution to end poverty and abuse. We have come up with what we are calling an Equal Money System. It is in it infancy stages and is being scrutinized and developed bit by bit daily.
We are supporting BIG (Basic Income Grant) and from there we can move even further in support of a Life that is Best for all living things via the Equal Money System.
So what can be an Everlasting Gift you can give to All?
 A Gift that will change the very nature of who we have become and will support the future children as generations to come.
We are Humanity - whether alive now or in the future - What kind of Future would you like to be born into?
Christmas - means Christ in MASS - The mass of humanity living the words of Christ - Give to another what you would like given to you. That means adequate food, shelter and education to live a dignified life. Lets stop the word destitute and bring about heaven on earth.

I am not say to stop giving to the poor at this time - but along with this, start to support a system that will end poverty altogether.
There are many ways to get evolved.
Start using the Equal Money Badge on Facebook - support those supporting a change.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Could Stargate be telling us something?

We as a species have not evolved yet. We have done this 11 times = billions of years each time. Do these picture look familiar? We have allowed ourselves to believe that God will punish abusers and we will go to heaven if we are good. This type of brainwashing allows abdication of responsibly making us slaves to an imagined savior.
Each time we miss this one point - that of equality. We have lived as self-interest and not Common interest. This is evident in everything we do. Even LOA is deceptive and abusive to LIFE - Meaning we want for ourselves and do not consider what is best for all.
The planets Eco systems are being destroyed because of greed and profit. People want to live like the rich and famous and are calling this manifesting when in fact - this is only self interest and not considering what would be best for all HERE. For example to have a life of the rich and famous - one needs slaves to do the labor for the things one wants.  We go on buying sprees to fulfill a temporary high - but do not see that half the world is starving through abuse, neglect and products of capitalism. Desteni has a solution that would benefit all of Earth, mankind, animals and nature - where all can live a dignified life together. This would be of the highest good - and would be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history. We have this One Life to do this - otherwise we go back to not remembering AGAIN- and start all over. How many times to we need to allow ourselves to believe that suffering from abuse is okay?

Dare to Stand Up as Yourself as LIFE
Lets start with an Equal Money System -
With the Equal Money System as showed by BIG, this will be done on a global scale - as a living statement of valuing all life equally - It will be the greatest act of compassion ever seen in human history.
Change our programed nature and Desteni 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Backchat - Living Imagination as Truth

I was calling a person about their add on craigslist. The first person I got on the phone and talked to,  I decided I liked him. Then I had to call back and a woman answered. In my backchat I did not like her tone. I even went to the point of “gossiping” my opinion about them to another. When we got there to see the item they were selling, she was the one who talked to us. She was really cool - and when I left I was so pleased with the purchase and how she handled it, that I thanked her profusely. I then saw how I judged her just from her tone of voice. What I did within my mind that I wasn’t aware of at the time, was most likely I had, had a bad experience, or watched a move or read a book where I perceived that a person had this tone. I labeled her as she is jealous because a woman called (me) and asked for Tom because he was the one I talked to before. I assumed her tone was jealous - and I went into all kinds of imagination of what type of person she probably was.
After meeting her I was actually ashamed of my thoughts that I had about her.
And wondered where in the world I came up with those thoughts and even more so that I allowed myself to follow these thought as true without even meeting the person.
This proved to me how we live in a fantasy world within our head of imaginations and live our life as if these imaginations are truths.
Within the Desteni I Process I am learning through daily writing and self-awareness to watch my thoughts and what I am accepting and allowing. By doing the I process - I was able to see my judgments within this point of how a person can be trigger by a tone of voice. 
I like this Quote from a fellow Destonian:
 The entire Mind is an Alternate Reality, therefore we ground ourselves as life as breath that is here as the physical that I am.

Friday, September 30, 2011

My visit to the Desteni Farm

A little about me - I am 58 years old. My job experience have been:
8 years radiologist technician
30 years waitress (I preferred waitress to hospital work - as hospital exploits people for money.)
And in-between waitress, I had a couple of small businesses and other odd jobs.
I am now in College and work part time. 

After my first year on the Desteni forum I went to stay with the group at the Desteni farm in South Africa. I stayed for 3 months. It was a great experience. I am from the USA and have never been that far from home. Some people were concerned about this trip - Going somewhere were when you haven’t met someone except on the Internet type of fear. Through my year of interaction with them and all the assistance they gave others and me free of charge (which I though was amazing) I knew there was nothing to fear, I only had an excitement to travel that far and meet these wonderful people.
When I got there, they are no different than you and me - we had group dinners where we took turn cooking for everyone. There were many animals, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and a large garden. I got a warm welcome as was let to be for a few days from the long trip. After that I got into the grove and found things to assist with around the farm. There are always many projects going on. At night we would watch a movie in the living room or just do our own thing. In my mind I wondered about being face to face with Bernard and the Dimensions, what would it be like to meet a dimensional person? And Bernard? There was a fear of that, only because I knew they understood deception, and I didn’t know how it would be to be around someone like that, funny how we trip out in our minds. I though it would be intimidating - but that was just me. I don’t know how to explain it except… I felt safe with them, even if self dishonesty was exposed, because I knew they do not take things personally or accuse anyone, just point out things that will assist one to drop illusions of the mind. So this was really cool. All in all, it was a cool experience to experience myself with a group of people who have dedicated themselves to make a difference - people who want to bring in a new paradigm - first by exposing the abuse of how we are living and treating ourselves and others - so we my see how we created this within the world. And then we learn how to live as a new paradigm,(Equal Money) one that treats all equally taking into account of what is best and supportive for all of life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You are taught not to question God- for GODs sake!

 I just had a conversation with --- and wow - she does not agree with the equal money system - I cant believe it - that people do not want world change - they just want self change…. I do not know exactly what her resistance to is was -- oh - yea to focus on what is wrong with the world - makes it so - So to focus on people who are suffering because they don’t have enough money to eat - is what is creating it. She said it is pushing against it. I feel that avoiding seeing what is HERE as our world manifestation is the resistance and she actually got angry saying I DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS. She did admit that if it was her in a position of not enough money she might think differently. But she said if it was her reality then she would deal with it… Oh boy - this is hard to deal with - meaning I cant convince them that this is what accepting and allowing is. To allow another to have abuse… wow.. Its okay if it isn’t happing to them - wow. . I find myself wanting her to experience something - to see this.. Like when the banking system affects her - then she will get mad at the corruptiveness and enslavement values of our world.

However - I must remember that I once thought this way as well. I thought life was all about me and my happiness- and I did not realize that what I “thought” my happiness was, was programmed into me by my parents and there parents before them - and through television movies and commercials - they told me what happiness was - what I should strive for. And if you bold it down - it all come to HAVING ENOUGH MONEY TO DO THESE THINGS. Even getting married requires money! SO WE PAY TO BE ALIVE. What I didn’t understand at the time was- that I was accepting and allowing this along with the rest of the world. We were duped - granted that  - but who allowed ourself to be dubbed? We did.
I thought that if I was one of those not starving - that God or some force “valued” me in some way over others. This is what we were taught. I couldn’t understand a “God” who allowed this - but hey - then you are taught not to question GOD- for Gods sake! …

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a world to exist where abuse is seen as normal for growth

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I don’t watch the news and see the corruption and abuse going on in the world -then that means that I am not responsible for it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am only responsible for myself and responsible for my own happiness - and thus within this I forgive myself that I have not seen that happiness in a “world” would include the Whole world - not half of it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get angry at another when they do not see or care that the world is fucked up in fear that then they support the fuckedness, when I fact I was one of those people. And thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to want to see a fucked up world - so I would not have to look at my responsibility within this. Which was to say as long as abuse is not happening to me it is okay - and within this believe, that I have actually supported abuse and thus have contributed to it.

Changing OurSelfs- Desteni (I) Process Life Coaching

Change Our World - Equal Money System - Support a Dignified Life for ALL

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meditation - Supressing Life.

Meditation Can Suppress Issues that need to be Honestly looked at.  
The reason why meditation does not work is because we use meditation when we are stressed about something. What that does is get the mind into this “other place” instead of looking at the thoughts that are creating stress in the first place. WE ARE THE ONES who are GENERATING these THOUGHTS. Thus if you take the thought back to its origin then you will see why you created it, look at your “believes” about the thought or idea, example: “my mother said this to me - it is her fault I am insecure” (this is a limiting believe that one uses to stay enslaved by emotions) - then the thoughts you let go off are the believes that you have accepted and allowed as real that cause stress, judgment, self blame an so forth. You have found the root of what YOU HAVE ACCEPTED. With meditation - you just want to go to “feeling good,” stating that you are a victim of feeling bad - you take no responsibly - thus your are saying you are not the directing force in your life.
In short Meditation takes the power away from us as the creator of our reality if we use it as an escape to feel good.  This is different to the saying “meditate on this.” Here on is focusing the mind to come up with a solution.
I have been learning how to live live HERE, bringing Life to and as the physical. Check out Desteni learn out to usher in a new world. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding my Desteni and A New Way

I joined the Desteni forum in September 13, 2007, I am 58yrs old. Before that I had pretty much had it with life. I lived a radical non-conformist life, but always in the back of my mind I wanted to know why we are here and why are we so abusive to each other. I could not believe we were still killing each other in wars. When Bush JR got elected, that is when all hope of humans doing anything for the good of life went out the door for me, and I started to give up within myself.
Way before that, some 30yrs ago I was also on a “spiritual” search, because I thought there had to be more than this abusiveness in the world and I wanted to know how to be happy and help others if I could find the “way” or truth. Interesting some 25 years later I ran into Desteni who is now 4yrs old since their website. So while going down into depression right before I started with Desteni, I was trying to keep my head above water, I was still searching on the Internet for something to make sense to me. A friend of mine, emailed me one of Sunettes videos. I was intrigued and watched more.
I found myself on the forum, a newbie, asking questions, as I never heard anyone talk or say the things the way they did. I wanted to try and learn about self-forgiveness and self-honesty. I did lots of research, watching videos and reading posts. They also started talking about an equal money system. Of course I loved the idea, it would solve all the fucked up shit going on. People could be happy! ALL people would treat other and themselves as equals. I always thought that this is way it should be.
When I was doing Advaita and other such light and love things, I felt something was missing. Why should I find happiness only for myself and not care about others. I just didn’t seem right. This is the point Desteni address where no one else does. Heaven is in our head - earth and Us, you and me are HERE. Thus to bring the idea of heaven from the head to HERE, physical, is the only way to actually LIVE it. Thus I have been learning to stop participating in the mind that is fueled with emotions that cause us to live in fear and separation of each other and life. The tools Desteni uses are simple- yet SO EFFECTIVE if done with sincerity. They are writing self to freedom. Self Honesty, Self forgiveness, Breath count, and corrective action.
The cool thing with Desteni - is that we are a group from all parts of the world who do want to bring heaven to earth for all of Us here. And we support each other within this to make a change in ourselves and then the world.

Some of my favorites when I first started with Desteni:
Why Changing the world Will not Last (Though this is not a video - this was very important for me because I was “hoping” for the Golden Age to come, and I saw that nothing is coming until we change ourselves)

Matrix 8 on Secret of Self Support

Matrix 9 on Secret of Self Direction ... relatedMat

Anonymous: On the Death of Me Series

Emotions and the Law of One

The WORLD has gone MAD!!!! - DesteniProductions

The Secret of Humans: Playlist

Audrey Hepburn on Friends and Family 1/2

Audrey Hepburn Family and Friends 2/2 - How do I support ME?

Earth Youself - BirthYourself

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Desteni a cult! LOL

A cult does not invite people to leave if they can’t be self-honest! Lolol
Desteni calls for people who are ready and willing to take a real look at this world and themselves and do something about it.
Desteni does not want people who are abusers, thus the abusers get pissed off when they are not accepted, and then do campaigns against Desteni. Think about it, Abusers always go on the warpath - to keep abuse going. People profit from abuse and people fear to lose their profit. If you think this is not so, do some research, there are thousands of slave labor child camps, where they work 12hrs, seven days a week, and just barely have enough to live on. It is called exploitation. It is done everywhere. Banks, stock exchange, business deals (businesses lying to exploit the unsuspecting). Even the so-called great USA is exploiting its people through wars, and taxes that support the wealthy.
So this idea that Desteni is a dangerous cult… I would say look to see where the real danger is. It is ignorance, it is fear to face what we have become, it is fear to do the right thing that is best for everyone. If you want to see it as a cult = culture. I would say this is a culture of tough love. Where one is taught how to stand up against the evil that we just accepted and allowed to take over existence. Desteni wont save you or anyone, and that is what cults teach, they teach that something outside of who you are will save you. Desteni speaks the raw undeniable truth, so that people who are ready may break the chains of their enslavement program to abuse.  
I know for me, I was not recruited into Desteni, I saw that they thought like I did, asking the same questions that I have asked. Why is there so much abuse in the world, and why are we still a warring species, killing each other for profit? Why have we not changed after all these thousands of years? And what Desnti says makes sense, common sense, the sense that we allowed ourselves to loose.
The ones against Desteni, have not had the courage to apply self honesty and self forgiveness. They rather argue to keep their limitations and abuse, than push themselves to change.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Charity Will End in an Equal Money System.

The only reason charity exists is because we have accepted a reality of the haves and have-nots.
In the equal money system all will be supported equality.
All will have what they need to live a dignified life and there would be no need for charity. The end of charity means equality for all.
People will not have to look for handouts from others. All will be wealthy, as all will have accesses to resources that are shared in the common interest of everyone.
Charities were started in the middle ages where the women of the kings court would go out once a day and pass out a few shilling/alums to the poor and said it was there duty to god to look after the less fortunate. Yet this is how we allowed society to be set up. If we really cared why would we not share all wealth with everyone equally. It is this notion that we think we need a ruler to tell us what to do, and charities are given to pretend to ease the consciousness of the wealthy. So the specialness that is implied to charities and altruism would end. In fact specialness would end as we would all be equal and can peruse a life worth living, instead of constant survival. All would do their share - thus sharing the load. With equal money, labor would lessen for all, because we would be producing things that lasted much longer and we would not be living like a corporation who main goal is making goods for profit, we would be acting and living in a way that is best for all.
The point is charity they way it is now is because of the money system - where 5% of the world population has all the money - if we all shared resources equally - we would not have to have groups of people that have more than another. Of course help each other "do" things is cool - that is part of the oneness and equality principle. There would be no more charity's for the "poor" -because no one would be poor in an equal money system.
Equal Money would solve most all problems we have - greed, corruption, slave labor, war, homelessness, and starvation. People fear it because they "think" they will not be an individual. While in fact they would actually have the opportunity to become more because we will not be a slave to "how much money we have" that determines what we can do.

We are looking for people who can see the vision of equally for all. Join us in writing ourselves into a new world, a new paradigm. Be part of writing the whole-ness books, Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self, Words create our reality - lets start wording what is best for all and create the reality of Life worth living.
Support establishing the Equal Money System - The cause that will end All Causes
Changing Ourselfs to Change the World - Learn Life Coaching #Desteni (I) Process 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

God will not exist with an Equal Money System

It will be seen that “God” is not a being, or a judge or savior.
The term/word God means All that Is. It is the essence, the math, the name to call what is Here as Everywhere. We are part of the Everything that is called GOD - so how can that take sides?  We are the ones who take sides, forgetting that we are all equal. No one better than another - that just comes about because we “think” We think there for we are, means that is ego, separation, the are that we are is what we think - and only that. What we think means nothing to God/Math/Platform - but everything to us. As we have created war, greed, abuse, because we want to think we are more than everything, and then we want God to forgive us. So first we want to be more, and then we say we are less by wanting gods love and forgiveness.
So there is no need to pray to god, as we are part of that already. We have a platform for us to exist and that can be called God, or Source some call it Spirit. But it is completely unconditional. Meaning we create our own conditions as to how we will experience our Life.
When people pray - they are really praying to themselves to forgive, to change, to want more or less. They are talking to themselves as the self-creator.

So the idea of God to save and protect is really ridiculous if you think about it.
An example - When in war each side prays for god’s protection! What happens?
One side wins, and then later they lose. And the other side might so-called “win” for a moment, but then they will lose. How many families pray for there loved ones to not get killed? Both sides of course and both side have many casualties.
So what I am getting at here is that it is NOT UP TO GOD for anything we are doing.
It is just an idea that came about because people could not understand the abusive nature of ourselves as humans. So we created an imaginary “friend” that we want on “our side” to validate the shit that we do. Well we now are seeing the consequence of our shit. And God has done nothing to change it, which is evident; we have to change our self, as this is our experience of our inner world.
When death happens - there is no one but you and who and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become, which is either an abuser of life - or one who allows it, which is the same thing.

Change Our System

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreams fulfilled with an Equal Money System.

When I was a child I loved animals, especially horses. I truly wanted one as a child, but because we didn’t have the money for it, I never got one. I believe that if we had an equal money system that I would have been a horse whisper. I would have dedicated my life at that time to loving and raising horses in a safe environment.
But instead, because we didn’t have money, and I was denied the things I loved, I found alcohol at a young age. It was cheap and fun. There for I became a teenage drinker, always lying to get some booze. Use kids would get together and drink and smoke.
That is what kids that didn’t have money do where I grew up, as most of my friend’s families were just getting by.
I was also denied joining the YMCA where I wanted desperately to go, so I could compete in swimming and diving, I thought, okay, cheaper than a horse. That never happened either. I had to depend then on my family to pay for these things and drive me around because I was still in school and could not work.
Even after I became an x-ray tech, it was never enough money, but to pay bills, buy insurance, food, and car. And then you worked so much you forget your dreams and still cannot afford it anyway. We are the class of people who keep the rich wealthy by accepting and allowing the laws that only support the rich - they of course have the money to make the laws. 
I say a Dignified Life for All of Life = Equal Money System, where no one is denied. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanting More is Creating War

The War Within Creates Wars

How can the abuse that is going on in the world be my fault? I do not rape or kill others.

I was reading lesson one from Desteni I Process called “Self as Creator”.
“With in you exists judgments, morality, jealousy, fear, polarity, anger, uncertainty, inferiority, superiority, inner conflict, sorrow, sadness and separation. These experiences are created form pictures and ideas created by the mind.”

 These experiences create War within = Our World outside.

Something clicked in me - I saw a deception I had not seen or understood clearly.

I was holding onto an idea that what was outside of me was not me. I was seeing it as, “I want the world to change”. I do not deserve a world like this, and am better than what I see as this world. Well what I am seeing is- that all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings I have are creating the energy that feeds the world systems. Thoughts in my mind are no better than everyone else.
I had the believe and desire that I wanted something better, thus creating a friction and polarity and within, I then judged others for wanting to feed their desires that cause abuse, when as desires is a desire - that causes separation and the feeding of less than and lack. So here I am judging others for what they do, and not seeing I am doing the same.
I also saw the backchat saying that I have done enough “good” things, and then the backchat that I am not doing enough. I was a house divided pulling back and forth within me, an internal war, instead of just being HERE - Breath.  To expose who we really are, is not dividing self - it is claming self so we can see what we have been accepting and allowing within our thoughts. It is not to judge ourselves for it, but to allow ourselves to see it within ourselves, so we can stop, breath forgive ourselves for how we have been creating this world - and then change who we have been. To want more is creating War.

We can start to change our nature with the Desteni I Process
And we can start to change our world by supporting the Equal Money System where All of Life will have the chance to live with Dignity

Friday, April 29, 2011

Saviour victim scenario

I am sharing something that Sunette/Dimensions wrote:

An 'urge' that exist within beings - is to want to 'save' or 'help' others, 'giving themselves to others' in the attempt to 'rescue' them - beings seeing others as the 'victims' of their situation/experience, believing that they need someone as an 'saviour'.

For example - you may experience this 'saviour-victim' scenario with your parents, wherein you experience your parents to be the victim of themselves and their situation and because you experience this towards them, you must stand within the role of 'saviour'.
Though - here's an interesting point to consider: Another being within your world may experience the 'saviour-victim' scenario towards you - wherein they see you as an victim of your situation, and because they experience this towards you, they must stand within the role of 'saviour'. Victim-saviour is a similar thing to the triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer but has the other vital elements of self-honesty and self-dishonesty and self-direction.

So - everyone exist within and as the 'victim-role' with regards to their own 'personal-experiences/situations' - yet attempts/tries to play 'saviour' to/towards others - No-one actually considering standing up for themselves, taking self-responsibility and assisting and supporting others to do the same: Stop being a 'victim' to/towards yourself and your experience/situation, stand up and take self-responsibility for yourself = 'save yourself'.

This acceptance and allowance that exist within beings, of existing as a 'victim' yet wanting to/attempting to save/rescue yourself through others - has gotten no-one, nowhere - because in wanting to 'save someone' - you're making the statement that they're a 'victim', actually supporting their dishonesty and self-victimization - not actually supporting the being themselves.

So - I'd suggest, stop the 'saviour-victim' game within self and towards others - you're not assisting and supporting yourself and you're not assisting and supporting others as you equal and one.

So, with regards to your parents - 'stabilize' yourself first within you and your world - prove to you that you've stood up and taken self-responsibility for you, live self honesty here as breath as you - then from here, you are the living example to be able to actually really assist and support others as you - in being an example of how to take self-responsibility - of how to 'save yourself' and stop accepting and allowing the existence of self in and as self-victimization.

Let go of wanting to save them - first 'save yourself'.


Check out Desteni I Process  Where we work with self and share with others to overcome our limiting natures

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transcending patterns of co-dependency

With in the Desteni I Process we share what we call back chat with our buddy who support us to see our limiting self patterns that we have accepted and allowed to run our life’s.  This is really cool - because our patterns become so much a part of us - we do not even notice that we are accepting them. Support from others walking this process is paramount for one to see these types of patterns running/ruining our lives and those of others.
I saw some co-dependency back chat thoughts with family and friends. Where I fear I will lose them if they do not understand me. What I am seeing in this is, that I had placed much value on being accepted by my friends. What this did was created a resonate fear within me to convert them to what I am doing so we will “still relate”. Thus I became the convince and convert demon. lol . So within this, as I was doing a rant and rave and set it up as a mind construct, I could see though self honesty and self forgiveness that I had to let go of the fear of not being accepted as that is a patterning believe system that I have accepted and allowed as a fear emotion to make excuses to not do certain things.
The honest part is I have the fear - But the SELF-HONEST, which is self-relation - is I am the one who is allowing this. I also realized that this behavior is not supporting Life. As I am living for a self-imposed illusion of what I think others are thinking and not living my life.
So cool to see this - as I now do not accepted my own belief that I am limited if I do not have the understanding or approval of others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Teacher made me do it!

I noticed self-backchat today as I saw a show where someone was promoted in a group. The thought came that there were a few times when I could have been promoted, but wasn’t. I see now that I had been suppressing the feelings I had when that happened.  . - But now, TODAY I saw a flash of  high school - when the gym teacher thought I had skipped class and she was going to make me a leader in gym- and she was disappointed because she thought I was a bad kid- skipping school! I was devastated because she did not believe that I went home sick and she dismissed the qualities that I had to be gym leader. So now I saw that I hold this image in my mind of people not seeing the qualities that I have. And I have become a victim to this silent back chat- in that a part of me wants people to see my worthiness, approve of me and the other part says why bother that teacher thought I was lying… and so will others. So fuck - I have been “vibrating” this resonantly. The vibration as a blame of others in that they do not see what I am capable of  and my value.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a belief from a teacher to upset me and allow me to use her belief in me as a reason to not do the best I can.
I am seeing that I feel - my best wont be good enough so why bother. As I work within the Desteni I Process where we are taking our mind constructs apart I notice that I can more and more see my limiting silent back chats. They are becoming visible.
I saw also that this is a reason it has been hard for me to write. I was “thinking” I will be seen as not doing it right and so I fear what to should write about, how I should say it. I was going into lots of mind excuses that end up making me just want to give up.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to keeping living the fear and let down that I experienced all those years ago in high school.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a teachers opinion of me to affect me as not good or worthy enough and cause fear of acceptance.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the idea of doing it right.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the fear of doing it right to affect my life and how I live it.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief that I am not a person of worth.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself judge myself as not worthy or able.
I forgive myself for letting these thoughts stop me from being all I can be, thus living a life in fear of what others think. 
This is cool, because I have been pushing myself regardless, and because of the pushing and standing even though difficult at times - I have discovered a part of this resonance thought pattern that I can now work with and delete.
I now stop this idea of people wont see my “worth” so why bother
It is a limiting mind program that I DO NOT ACCEPT AND ALLOW AND LONGER
I Now Move Forward in Life - And I take charge
You Can Change at age 57!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What’s In It For Me

This program is what has caused the state of existence that we are in.
We have passes this on and on as a genetic virus that is slowly killing off humanity.
Humane ity will now have to learn what this is. We have not lived as hu-man, we have lived as de-man - Demon - Vampires that take from one another for an energetic experience that we have allowed to posses us. Standing up for ALL as Equal is TRUE LIFE. Any other reason to live just de-mans = Lessens Man as an participation within True Life. This has to stop within each one of us or there will be No Life that will last.

This is why we at Desteni are creating a New Destiny by changing the very nature of our own Being to start to think and Live in away that considers what is best for All of Life

With the Desteni (I) Process -
We start to take a look at our own thinking and how it is affecting ours and others life's. And learn how to make a change and stop the thinking that cause abuse, separation, quilt, blame, self pity, limitation, fear.

Then with exploring and understanding the nature of money and how it has been used to abuse and control, we are coming up with a physical practical way that can support All, changing the old habitual thinking of "What's in it for me" to What will support all of Life in the Best way"
Equal Money System - Bringing Forth a Dignified Life for All

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Equal Money and Natural Disasters

Equal Money and Natural Disasters
Take a look at how an equal money system, which is a system that is not based on capitalization, as capitalization is concerned with PROFIT and not the well being of humanity and the earth, will change the way we currently live in the world, and stop much of the unnecessary abuses.
For example Natural Disasters;
With an Equal Money System that is not based on capitalism, we could have technology to NOT have NUCLEAR Reactors.
As the corporate governments only look at how to enslave people by not allowing much new technology to be used.
For instance there is a way to get energy for use right out of our own yard. How can they control people and make profits if the fear of no energy is not there?
Resources are held back to make supply and demand to increase profits.
Such as, building, building, building to make money and profit as fast as possible because of competition, with an EMS we would take the time to put homes in places less likely to be devastated by a natural disaster.
Some other ways an EMS will assist with abuse.
Families and marriage, much of family’s bickering are about money.
Many marry, just to be financially supported by someone, thus causing emotional flares of inferiority/superiority within relationship.
Many “crimes” will cease to exist, because it is a “crime” to steal, and many do so because they do not have money.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Albert Einstein's thoughts on "The Source of Evil"

Albert Einstein's thoughts on "The Source of Evil"

"The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evil.‎ Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of the smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organised political society. This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pride as Separation

I could never get into this sense of being “proud” of the idea that we are different.

Sayings like:

Proud to be an American
Gay Pride
Irish Pride
And so on.

Anything that is different it seems that we have a “need” to be proud of it.

I am gay, and I am not proud of it. It is simply what I am. Just like everyone else, they are simply who they are.
I mean every single thing there is on the planet is different in expression.

Thus, it seems silly to have to be proud of it. I mean its cool – diversity is defiantly cool, and it is defiantly what life IS. LIFE IS Diversity!

So why don’t we accept and value our sameness instead of having to be proud we are different?

I am not sure where this idea got started, but it would seem to be from how we as a human species seems to feel inadequate. This can be seen in our history of recorded wars.
For some reason, humans have to take from others the land they are living on and all their possessions to feel worthy. We are still as a world nation doing this today!

If you study history, you will learn how all this land we call “ours” was taken from indigenous people by lying, stealing and killing them. And then we become “proud”!

If our world as the human species are to survive- this proudness has to stop, as it is undoubtedly breading separation and competition that creates jealously and anger.

So I say; Lets support each other in our Sameness, which is what we don’t do. What is our sameness?

We all need to eat, we all need shelter, and in society today all should have equal access to education and health care. Lets Support and BE Proud of Our Sameness.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

I forgive myself for being angry at MYSELF.

I see that I have been having back chat anger at others and myself. Though I did not see it as anger until this afternoon as I just sat in bed feeling defeated by everything. I was in despair and then I saw that I had not forgiven myself for being angry at me.
All the projections of anger at others and the world – the way it is as unjust and unfair I have had my whole life. But I am seeing that it is me that has to change these accepted and allowed believe within myself. The true anger is at Me. The anger that I believed I am not good enough in the eyes of others where I will have back chat constantly arguing with people in my mind! Mostly defending myself for some opinion/point of view, or many different things.
I have not forgiven myself that I am a fuck up- that I am part of this mess. I actually think that I should be more superior than others and this is the secret anger I have at myself- that I am really not superior to anything! Lol So I have been secretly tying to find a way to be superior in my mind. The mind looking at ways to think to make me special. Then I know I am doing this and then I go into self pity at my lack of standing up to this- when what it really is – is that I have not forgive myself for being angry at ME. At judging me, at comparing ME. To something I perceive that I should be greater to or equal to something I perceive as superior
I FORGIVE MYSELF!- I am not perfect- I forgive myself for thinking that I have to be that- even to the point of thinking I should not think that! Lol fuck man.
Forgiving myself on believes I thought I had to be. I am doing this first without the statement that I have accepted and allowed because I am still blaming me because I am accepting and allowing it. So I am just going to forgive myself for not being what I thought I should be.
I forgive myself for not being perfect
I forgive myself for being mediocre
I forgive myself for not being beautiful and handsome looking
I forgive myself that I am addicted to energy thoughts of good and bad
I forgive myself that I am not standing up to the mind
I forgive myself that I am not perfect and I forgive myself that I think I want to be perfect thus causing me great misery.
I forgive myself that I am accepted and allowing myself to think I need to be better than others
I forgive myself that I think that there is some kind of spiritual reward for being better than others in thought.
I forgive myself for being angry at Me for not being perfect.
I AM DONE With this Self Anger!
Within the anger I go into self pity that I am not doing “it” right.
Doing what right?
Fucking everything.
I forgive myself for wanting to be a super human.
I forgive myself for comparing and judging myself to an idea of a super human.
These are all the thing I have “admired” in another and believed “qualities” I did not have.
Thus constant comparison to others as how I “should” be.
Thus never living HERE in and as the Physical- but always in judgment in my mind.
I forgive myself for wanting to be better than others
I let go of ALL these judgments against myself and others.
I am tired of wanting to be right and better and not living with ME.
I am tired of always thinking I need to fulfill some imaginary dream of better as constant self judgment.
I am tired of judging myself for not doing something good enough thus causing fear to do that thing.
I want to enjoy the process of ME I want to trust. I want to Live.
I want to stop looking to others to tell me what to do in fear that I need others to tell me what to do. In fear that I am not alive – not here. Not good enough to know what to do.
I want to trust ME- I want to Love Me without comparison. In loving me I mean Love Life as We are the vehicle of Life. I want to Love Life as I would wish to be loved. Love thy neighbor as Life- Animals, planet, people.
I forgive myself that I am angry at me- I forgive myself in humbleness of the belief of better than

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bible Studies The Money Changers

Good will would be to change the money system. Those that can do not.

When Jesus went to town and became angry at the money changers.
It is still the same. We have not changed. And all those who call themselves Christians are part of the money scams/ Jesus himself did not like churches, yet now there is a Pope who clams to know what Jesus taught and claims to been anointed by God. Yet he will turn a blind eye to his priests that are molesting children and do not take criminal action, but send them off to another church which is actually then he himself acting in criminal ways.
It is the money changers that are the ones who make the laws to protect themselves and their criminal acts. Yet we are just as much to blame because we allow it to happen. We gave our power away to authority- because we did not want responsibility. So guess what – we have it every where There is always someone who is making the rules of how we are to live. And these rules only benefit the few and cause great stress and suffering to most.
When we go to school- we learn that wars are patriotic- we learn that we are expected to kill others for our country! But who is telling us this? Who wants us to fight? And all sides are praying to “God” for there side to win. Lol And we call this sane behavior. This is just a believe system that we have accepted as true. God does not have sides – God is the principle that brings “beliefs” into reality for us to experience. We are in control of the believes we allow ourselfs to believe.
It certainly does not have to be this way. There are enough resources for all to live a dignified life. People say there is not enough fuel and food for everyone. This is not so. We have amazing technology that is being repressed because it would give all free energy. There are cars that can run on water, and there are devices that can create electricity from your own yard. Yet the powers that be- are in power because they have the money and that they say we need this money to survive – so they control how much we get to stay in power.
No wonder Jesus did not like the money changers. They are against equal life for All- They suppress life for others and we go along with it...
We do not need a priest to tell us what Jesus was trying to show us. Do unto other as you would
want done unto you. You want dignity – give dignity to others.
Equal Money System is the answer if you dare to follow Jesus.

Free yourself from the Money engery we have accepted and allowed >

Self Forgiveness Energy = Money

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

What “words” to use for Scholarship = $$

I have been working on writing a self-recommendation letter to apply for Grant money for college. It had been very interesting and a bit frustrating in the fact that I have to write a story that will captivate the readers who are going to decide if they will give me the money and not another!
At times I feel like fuck you I don’t want your money and a prostitute searching for the right words to say that will cause and orgasm in them to want to give me the money!
It was said that those who are not considered successful in the world are the ones that see the deception and abuse of money/profit over what is best for all the world.
And this is true in my case. It is not that I did not want to work because I have since age 13 and I actually enjoy working in unity with people. But what I don’t like are all the lies and abuse that we are expected to accept and allow and are called being successful!

So why am I doing this? I am hoping that I can make a difference. I am hoping I can use the system because it is just plainly the way we have allowed it to be - to change the system. With out money at this point we cannot be effective in any change. Though what we can do with what money we have is to make it stand as a voice to be heard. Meaning now I am working or “asking” for money to support me as a person who can stand up and say no more to this system as it is not supporting what is best for all.
Now this money is “worth” something. Lets bring about Heaven on earth. Not profit. As profit only means you have/want more than another.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking about money – always in the background of the mind.

Ever single thing a person does is about money, thus then most our “thinking” time is about money.
When I was young I didnt know that money was why we had a house, cloths and food. When I wanted something I would often hear we dont have the money – I didnt know what that meant, I just thought I was bad or they were mean and not want to give it to me. Of course then one day when I asked why a friend of mine could get a new bike and I cant my mom said your Dad does not get as much money from his job as others. I then asked what is a job and finally I put the peaces together. Oh he doent get paid like some of the others do, so we cant have what they do. Though it still did not make sense I finally just accepted that because I just had too.

Now as I woke up this morning I saw me come out of a nothingness where I did not know what I was, it was like a clean slate feeling, then the more I became conscious I saw oh – I am the Adele person that has to get up out of bed and start her day to make money...I have to do this so I will get money, I have to that, I have to organize my money for this and that, do I have enough for this and that. If I eat the food, I have to buy more. It is like even when you eat food and drink water it is really eating money because you cant get it with out money... Bizarre! We live and breath money. Because we have allowed this money belief system to govern our life as who we are.
I wonder who I would be if my thoughts were not mostly about money! About survival. I dont know... God what a perfect plan to keep us enslaved, the idea believe that we need money. All that we have here can be shared and we can work to take care of ourselfs, we can build houses, grow food, develop technology all of that with out a piece of paper called money! We could work in communities where we take turns to do what is needed to take care of each other with out the money system. Then our own self value would not depend on a number--- Like the number of dollars you have makes you more of a person...This type of system has no value for life – only the gaining of numbers to label one as money.
I mean – can we stop this now! Can we wake up in the morning and not have to see and look for dollars every single day. Who would we be?
I say make Known the Unknown – we have never Known a life where our value has not been placed as a number called money.
Desteni is a group of people who are making the paradigm shift to a new world that supports Life, not limits it by value of money

Friday, January 21, 2011

Humane and Equal Right Supporters a call to Unite

The One cause to end all Causes

Paradigm changers
Humane supporters
Equal Rights supporters
Charity Donators

This is a Call to Unite with the Desteni of the future
We have the solution that all of us are looking for
If one can drop the idea of “their way” and include the way that is best for All Living Things and is truly supporting complete Equality For All - join Us as an Equal and lets stand together.
Stop Living as the program of Divide and Conquer

Within living as the Desteni solution this blog is about 2 basic things.

One is to uncover and expose by sharing what we see within ourselfs as the personality programs we have defined as ourselves that causes limitation and separation from all as life and to begin to Birth Life as ourselves into the Physical. Thus I will be writing as the tools suggested of self honesty - looking at yourself and self-forgiveness - giving Self back to Self / Self Giving.

Two, is to show that an Equal Money system is the first step towards liberation from the enslavement of Money as God. Money (paper/numbers on a card) determines who gets shelter, food, water, education and health care. We have blindly given support to - that to have money = having life! And it is not equally distributed because of our archaic acceptance of this is how it is.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Paradigms

From the Book An abstract of The Paradigm Conspiracy:

Two Paradigms

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction. " -- Albert Einstein

Do you keep up with world news? Have you seen any examples of the strong victimizing the weak, the poor being exploited by the rich and powerful, or truth being derailed by lies? If you haven't, then ... where have you been? Then there is the good news: inspiring acts of kindness, generosity, and constructive cooperation. It is always a mixed bag isn't it? There is a mixture of uplifting evolving motion and self-serving greed and corruption.

There are two master paradigms that contain everything that is good and bad or good and evil, in humanity on Earth and in the Universe.

The two paradigms originated at creation, the beginning of everything that we can perceive in the known universe. The first paradigm begins with the creation itself. The second paradigm results from the separation of Spirit from the energy and intelligence of that creation. This is referred to as the Source (or Collective Consciousness or God or the Divine). This separation, or immersion of Spirit into matter, is sometimes referred to as the "fall of man" in Christian and other religious beliefs.

This separation formed two groups of entities, each functioning in accord with very different paradigms. Those who remained connected to the collective oneness or the Source formed one group. This group is able to function and exist in what we will call the "freedom paradigm." Those that separated themselves from the Source became the second group. The second group functions in the "control paradigm."

These two groups differ in the way they access knowledge, perception, and energy. The freedom paradigm group has access to the collective knowledge of our knowable universe, is unrestricted in its ability to perceive reality, and has access to unlimited energy. The control paradigm group, because of its separation from the whole, has limited knowledge, limited perception, and limited energy. In the control paradigm, knowledge is power and control of knowledge allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, perception is limited and the manipulation of perception allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, energy is limited and the control and exploitation of many by a few allows the few to acquire more energy.

In reality, both paradigms are functional both within each of us and in our world. The two paradigms have different models of reality, different motives, and different means of achieving objectives. Within each individual, there is a sense of connectedness with others and with the infinite, and a sense of compassion. This is a connection with the first or freedom paradigm. Within each individual, there is a drive for survival, a desire to indulge in the pleasures of our realm, and a desire for power. This is a connection with the second or control paradigm. One difference between the two is selfishness versus compassion.

It is the irreconcilable differences between the two groups that is the source of fundamental conflict and outright war. The two paradigms are universal. They are not limited to our culture, our world, our species, our planet, or our dimensional reality.

Within the freedom paradigm every individual is seen as valuable and is supported and encouraged to develop their knowledge, consciousness, and life expression to their fullest potential. Within the freedom paradigm, a collective synergy is generated in which greater prosperity, both Spiritual and material, is readily achieved and shared by all. The world of the freedom paradigm is a world in which every individual uses his intelligence and creativity to conduct the business of life in a "win-win" manner. The individual who lives to further the freedom and evolution of the human soul respects life, respects the environment, respects other life forms, and respects other individuals. He or she acts as responsible as their knowledge, wisdom, experience, consciousness, and resources enable them to. The general prosperity and wealth of the freedom paradigm world, as a whole, is much higher than the control paradigm world because the majority of people are encouraged to become successful, accomplished, and prosperous. The more knowledge, wealth, and power an individual has, the more capacity he or she has to empower others. The more the collective becomes empowered and enlightened to use their empowerment wisely, the more that society prospers.

Discouraged and dispirited slaves do not make a society healthy or wealthy. The poorest member of a freedom paradigm society has access to more wealth than the richest member of a control paradigm society.

Within the control paradigm every individual is seen as property, an asset, or a resource to be exploited, managed, controlled, and otherwise used or disposed of for someone else's benefit or pleasure. The world of the control paradigm is "dog eat dog" and there are only two kinds of dogs - those who eat other dogs and those who get eaten. This means that the world is basically populated by two kinds of people, the users and the used, the winners and the losers, the victims and the tyrants. The rich get rich and stay rich by standing on the backs of poor people. The powerful and successful people of the world get that way and stay that way by stepping on other people, whoever they need to step on, in order to get ahead. The result is starvation, suffering, servitude, and slavery for most, while a few elite individuals have tremendous power and live in opulence and luxury. Does any of this sound familiar?

Slavery can be in many forms. There are wage slaves, mortgage slaves, old fashioned brutalized human property slaves, the criminalized population, and political and socio-economic prisoners. There is no good political solution to these problems because the problems are in basic human nature. Corruption always gets a foothold regardless of the political system. The answer to this problem can only come from a change that takes place inside every person on Earth - a Paradigm Shift.

A paradigm shift is a change from one way of thinking to another. A paradigm shift changes the entire world and the way it is perceived. It does not just happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. Agents of change, in this case, are not solitary superheroes, but rather many individuals making personal choices that lead to greater freedom and prosperity for all rather than wealth for a few at the expense and demise of many. Everyone counts. You have more potential power within your grasp than you realize.

Additional Information from the book.

An abstract of The Paradigm Conspiracy: Why Our Social Systems Violate Human Potential -- And How We Can Change Them

by Denise Breton and Christopher Largent Can be Read Here.

We at Desteni are making a change within ourselfs and our beleives and also offering a solution for a new economic system that will support all of life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Need to Work Together

This was copied from the Desteni Forum
"...We live through our lives in our reality, this one life that we have, and we get to the end of it and what's left is a disabled physical that is completely drained of everything that it once was, roaming in memories of energetic remembrances and – we basically just become a nostalgic replay of what our life once was...
in the end becoming what we've always been, simply a meat-sack that supports an energetic existence within a realm of thought, where nothing that we lived, nothing that we did, nothing of who we are had any relevance, any significance or any impact on anything or anyone but the creation of our own death, and we a die a forgotten soul... while the rest of existence remain hypnotized within the momentary profanity of seeking the next ‘high’, and eventually just getting to the same point the end of it all wondering what was the point of it all...
And we ask the question with regards to what is life, why are we here, what are we doing here – all the questions about our own existence – and the fact that all those questions are coming up are obviously indicating we are not life, we are not living – and the reason we can’t find a reason or purpose is because there isn’t any; We haven’t actually lived any real reason or any real purpose into and as this reality.

So what we are suggesting within Desteni, within self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application, the equal money system – it’s bringing the whole aspect of Self AND the world-system into an equal and one starting-point stand – wherein we are no more just these meat-sacks of thought, wondering through reality just creating consequence and harm for ourselves and others, living from one ‘high’ to the next, eventually depleting ourselves to the point where we die a long time before we actually physically die; lived into and through a world-system that merely support survival and self-interest, where only a select few survive; Most of the world is not at all supported within the current world system.

So these two very significant points of change: Self and this world-system, this money-system = with changing those two points we change this entire existence and our self-experience within it. Thus, we suggest considering that we are able to make this reality and ourselves an experience of permanence – Creating and establishing Trust, wherein we are able to establish a reality where we can actually live and actually explore what it means to live, what life is as ourselves; and within that what it all means as an actual living expression within oneness and equality.
So we change ourselves, we change the money-system = we change this existence, we change the world; And then the Answer to what life is, why are we here, what is the reason and purpose and what is the point – can thus be answered through us LIVING the answers.”
My experiance when reading the above words:
These words spoken bring tears to my eyes as I have longed for this my whole life- but all I could do is spin in the web that is this world. Trying many ways to get out, get free. All it did was feed the energy of highs and lows, thinking the energetic high was the answer and beating myself up when I was the opposite of the high.
I though life was about feeling good. And I blamed human nature as the cause of why I could not sustain it, as I looked around and so many people are not happy, suffering because of lack of money, worried about getting a good job, marriages that did not seem real because of the fighting and co-dependency of fear, the greed and lack of concern for others.
I went searching the 'spiritaul' route- which mostly said to love in your heart- to see the love, or to learn how to 'manifest' your desires. But all desires are of acquiring something out side ourselfs to be happy. But how is one to be happy when the person next to you is suffering from emotional bondage and seeks the high for relief.
I see now that this is the way, as a group - to assist and support all of us, as we are all going through these same fears as accepting and allowing emotions and feelings that were programed to keep us from Life.
Thanks for the continued support

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humans Support Money, Not Life....

I unleashed a massive unconscious stress that I had running all along but did not see it until
I took a course in college last quarter.
There were 6 assignments due each week and every day for the 3 months I was in constant stress and fear that I could not do the assignments correctly. I had Computer Science , Logic and Python programing all in one week.

The biggest fear was that if I did not pass this class I would not be fully admitted to college as I was accepted conditionally to see how I would do. Now this would affect financial aid. And that was the fear. That I would lose my chance to go to college because I could not afford it other wise.

The next fear was what would people think of me as if I did not pass I would have “failed”...
What a horrible word really, wow I had know idea that the word fail= fear. Fear of failing.
And who tells you, you have failed? Authority – someone who has control of what you can and can do do because of money..

The demand for quality performance according to what another thinks of you is fearful.
This fear has started as a child when I did something I was happy and proud of and it was criticizes by an adult.
Or I would talk of what I wanted to do when I 'grew” up and was seen as a stupid idea, or when I wanted to take swimming classes and was not supported in this financially as it was seen as not necessary.
These things seem trivial to what conditions other children with out food or shelter have. Yet we all suffer from the current money system = with out money you are nobody and are not supported as life.
But supported accordingly to what you can do to 'feed' the money system.

Thus all of life suffers with this system, even the ones who 'have” are not really living, they live as a system of money and that is all they can see and behave as...
We as humanity have not supported Life- We support Money...