Sunday, May 15, 2011

God will not exist with an Equal Money System

It will be seen that “God” is not a being, or a judge or savior.
The term/word God means All that Is. It is the essence, the math, the name to call what is Here as Everywhere. We are part of the Everything that is called GOD - so how can that take sides?  We are the ones who take sides, forgetting that we are all equal. No one better than another - that just comes about because we “think” We think there for we are, means that is ego, separation, the are that we are is what we think - and only that. What we think means nothing to God/Math/Platform - but everything to us. As we have created war, greed, abuse, because we want to think we are more than everything, and then we want God to forgive us. So first we want to be more, and then we say we are less by wanting gods love and forgiveness.
So there is no need to pray to god, as we are part of that already. We have a platform for us to exist and that can be called God, or Source some call it Spirit. But it is completely unconditional. Meaning we create our own conditions as to how we will experience our Life.
When people pray - they are really praying to themselves to forgive, to change, to want more or less. They are talking to themselves as the self-creator.

So the idea of God to save and protect is really ridiculous if you think about it.
An example - When in war each side prays for god’s protection! What happens?
One side wins, and then later they lose. And the other side might so-called “win” for a moment, but then they will lose. How many families pray for there loved ones to not get killed? Both sides of course and both side have many casualties.
So what I am getting at here is that it is NOT UP TO GOD for anything we are doing.
It is just an idea that came about because people could not understand the abusive nature of ourselves as humans. So we created an imaginary “friend” that we want on “our side” to validate the shit that we do. Well we now are seeing the consequence of our shit. And God has done nothing to change it, which is evident; we have to change our self, as this is our experience of our inner world.
When death happens - there is no one but you and who and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become, which is either an abuser of life - or one who allows it, which is the same thing.

Change Our System

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