Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanting More is Creating War

The War Within Creates Wars

How can the abuse that is going on in the world be my fault? I do not rape or kill others.

I was reading lesson one from Desteni I Process called “Self as Creator”.
“With in you exists judgments, morality, jealousy, fear, polarity, anger, uncertainty, inferiority, superiority, inner conflict, sorrow, sadness and separation. These experiences are created form pictures and ideas created by the mind.”

 These experiences create War within = Our World outside.

Something clicked in me - I saw a deception I had not seen or understood clearly.

I was holding onto an idea that what was outside of me was not me. I was seeing it as, “I want the world to change”. I do not deserve a world like this, and am better than what I see as this world. Well what I am seeing is- that all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings I have are creating the energy that feeds the world systems. Thoughts in my mind are no better than everyone else.
I had the believe and desire that I wanted something better, thus creating a friction and polarity and within, I then judged others for wanting to feed their desires that cause abuse, when as desires is a desire - that causes separation and the feeding of less than and lack. So here I am judging others for what they do, and not seeing I am doing the same.
I also saw the backchat saying that I have done enough “good” things, and then the backchat that I am not doing enough. I was a house divided pulling back and forth within me, an internal war, instead of just being HERE - Breath.  To expose who we really are, is not dividing self - it is claming self so we can see what we have been accepting and allowing within our thoughts. It is not to judge ourselves for it, but to allow ourselves to see it within ourselves, so we can stop, breath forgive ourselves for how we have been creating this world - and then change who we have been. To want more is creating War.

We can start to change our nature with the Desteni I Process
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