Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreams fulfilled with an Equal Money System.

When I was a child I loved animals, especially horses. I truly wanted one as a child, but because we didn’t have the money for it, I never got one. I believe that if we had an equal money system that I would have been a horse whisper. I would have dedicated my life at that time to loving and raising horses in a safe environment.
But instead, because we didn’t have money, and I was denied the things I loved, I found alcohol at a young age. It was cheap and fun. There for I became a teenage drinker, always lying to get some booze. Use kids would get together and drink and smoke.
That is what kids that didn’t have money do where I grew up, as most of my friend’s families were just getting by.
I was also denied joining the YMCA where I wanted desperately to go, so I could compete in swimming and diving, I thought, okay, cheaper than a horse. That never happened either. I had to depend then on my family to pay for these things and drive me around because I was still in school and could not work.
Even after I became an x-ray tech, it was never enough money, but to pay bills, buy insurance, food, and car. And then you worked so much you forget your dreams and still cannot afford it anyway. We are the class of people who keep the rich wealthy by accepting and allowing the laws that only support the rich - they of course have the money to make the laws. 
I say a Dignified Life for All of Life = Equal Money System, where no one is denied. 

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