Monday, May 23, 2011

Charity Will End in an Equal Money System.

The only reason charity exists is because we have accepted a reality of the haves and have-nots.
In the equal money system all will be supported equality.
All will have what they need to live a dignified life and there would be no need for charity. The end of charity means equality for all.
People will not have to look for handouts from others. All will be wealthy, as all will have accesses to resources that are shared in the common interest of everyone.
Charities were started in the middle ages where the women of the kings court would go out once a day and pass out a few shilling/alums to the poor and said it was there duty to god to look after the less fortunate. Yet this is how we allowed society to be set up. If we really cared why would we not share all wealth with everyone equally. It is this notion that we think we need a ruler to tell us what to do, and charities are given to pretend to ease the consciousness of the wealthy. So the specialness that is implied to charities and altruism would end. In fact specialness would end as we would all be equal and can peruse a life worth living, instead of constant survival. All would do their share - thus sharing the load. With equal money, labor would lessen for all, because we would be producing things that lasted much longer and we would not be living like a corporation who main goal is making goods for profit, we would be acting and living in a way that is best for all.
The point is charity they way it is now is because of the money system - where 5% of the world population has all the money - if we all shared resources equally - we would not have to have groups of people that have more than another. Of course help each other "do" things is cool - that is part of the oneness and equality principle. There would be no more charity's for the "poor" -because no one would be poor in an equal money system.
Equal Money would solve most all problems we have - greed, corruption, slave labor, war, homelessness, and starvation. People fear it because they "think" they will not be an individual. While in fact they would actually have the opportunity to become more because we will not be a slave to "how much money we have" that determines what we can do.

We are looking for people who can see the vision of equally for all. Join us in writing ourselves into a new world, a new paradigm. Be part of writing the whole-ness books, Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self, Words create our reality - lets start wording what is best for all and create the reality of Life worth living.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

God will not exist with an Equal Money System

It will be seen that “God” is not a being, or a judge or savior.
The term/word God means All that Is. It is the essence, the math, the name to call what is Here as Everywhere. We are part of the Everything that is called GOD - so how can that take sides?  We are the ones who take sides, forgetting that we are all equal. No one better than another - that just comes about because we “think” We think there for we are, means that is ego, separation, the are that we are is what we think - and only that. What we think means nothing to God/Math/Platform - but everything to us. As we have created war, greed, abuse, because we want to think we are more than everything, and then we want God to forgive us. So first we want to be more, and then we say we are less by wanting gods love and forgiveness.
So there is no need to pray to god, as we are part of that already. We have a platform for us to exist and that can be called God, or Source some call it Spirit. But it is completely unconditional. Meaning we create our own conditions as to how we will experience our Life.
When people pray - they are really praying to themselves to forgive, to change, to want more or less. They are talking to themselves as the self-creator.

So the idea of God to save and protect is really ridiculous if you think about it.
An example - When in war each side prays for god’s protection! What happens?
One side wins, and then later they lose. And the other side might so-called “win” for a moment, but then they will lose. How many families pray for there loved ones to not get killed? Both sides of course and both side have many casualties.
So what I am getting at here is that it is NOT UP TO GOD for anything we are doing.
It is just an idea that came about because people could not understand the abusive nature of ourselves as humans. So we created an imaginary “friend” that we want on “our side” to validate the shit that we do. Well we now are seeing the consequence of our shit. And God has done nothing to change it, which is evident; we have to change our self, as this is our experience of our inner world.
When death happens - there is no one but you and who and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become, which is either an abuser of life - or one who allows it, which is the same thing.

Change Our System

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreams fulfilled with an Equal Money System.

When I was a child I loved animals, especially horses. I truly wanted one as a child, but because we didn’t have the money for it, I never got one. I believe that if we had an equal money system that I would have been a horse whisper. I would have dedicated my life at that time to loving and raising horses in a safe environment.
But instead, because we didn’t have money, and I was denied the things I loved, I found alcohol at a young age. It was cheap and fun. There for I became a teenage drinker, always lying to get some booze. Use kids would get together and drink and smoke.
That is what kids that didn’t have money do where I grew up, as most of my friend’s families were just getting by.
I was also denied joining the YMCA where I wanted desperately to go, so I could compete in swimming and diving, I thought, okay, cheaper than a horse. That never happened either. I had to depend then on my family to pay for these things and drive me around because I was still in school and could not work.
Even after I became an x-ray tech, it was never enough money, but to pay bills, buy insurance, food, and car. And then you worked so much you forget your dreams and still cannot afford it anyway. We are the class of people who keep the rich wealthy by accepting and allowing the laws that only support the rich - they of course have the money to make the laws. 
I say a Dignified Life for All of Life = Equal Money System, where no one is denied. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanting More is Creating War

The War Within Creates Wars

How can the abuse that is going on in the world be my fault? I do not rape or kill others.

I was reading lesson one from Desteni I Process called “Self as Creator”.
“With in you exists judgments, morality, jealousy, fear, polarity, anger, uncertainty, inferiority, superiority, inner conflict, sorrow, sadness and separation. These experiences are created form pictures and ideas created by the mind.”

 These experiences create War within = Our World outside.

Something clicked in me - I saw a deception I had not seen or understood clearly.

I was holding onto an idea that what was outside of me was not me. I was seeing it as, “I want the world to change”. I do not deserve a world like this, and am better than what I see as this world. Well what I am seeing is- that all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings I have are creating the energy that feeds the world systems. Thoughts in my mind are no better than everyone else.
I had the believe and desire that I wanted something better, thus creating a friction and polarity and within, I then judged others for wanting to feed their desires that cause abuse, when as desires is a desire - that causes separation and the feeding of less than and lack. So here I am judging others for what they do, and not seeing I am doing the same.
I also saw the backchat saying that I have done enough “good” things, and then the backchat that I am not doing enough. I was a house divided pulling back and forth within me, an internal war, instead of just being HERE - Breath.  To expose who we really are, is not dividing self - it is claming self so we can see what we have been accepting and allowing within our thoughts. It is not to judge ourselves for it, but to allow ourselves to see it within ourselves, so we can stop, breath forgive ourselves for how we have been creating this world - and then change who we have been. To want more is creating War.

We can start to change our nature with the Desteni I Process
And we can start to change our world by supporting the Equal Money System where All of Life will have the chance to live with Dignity