Friday, April 29, 2011

Saviour victim scenario

I am sharing something that Sunette/Dimensions wrote:

An 'urge' that exist within beings - is to want to 'save' or 'help' others, 'giving themselves to others' in the attempt to 'rescue' them - beings seeing others as the 'victims' of their situation/experience, believing that they need someone as an 'saviour'.

For example - you may experience this 'saviour-victim' scenario with your parents, wherein you experience your parents to be the victim of themselves and their situation and because you experience this towards them, you must stand within the role of 'saviour'.
Though - here's an interesting point to consider: Another being within your world may experience the 'saviour-victim' scenario towards you - wherein they see you as an victim of your situation, and because they experience this towards you, they must stand within the role of 'saviour'. Victim-saviour is a similar thing to the triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer but has the other vital elements of self-honesty and self-dishonesty and self-direction.

So - everyone exist within and as the 'victim-role' with regards to their own 'personal-experiences/situations' - yet attempts/tries to play 'saviour' to/towards others - No-one actually considering standing up for themselves, taking self-responsibility and assisting and supporting others to do the same: Stop being a 'victim' to/towards yourself and your experience/situation, stand up and take self-responsibility for yourself = 'save yourself'.

This acceptance and allowance that exist within beings, of existing as a 'victim' yet wanting to/attempting to save/rescue yourself through others - has gotten no-one, nowhere - because in wanting to 'save someone' - you're making the statement that they're a 'victim', actually supporting their dishonesty and self-victimization - not actually supporting the being themselves.

So - I'd suggest, stop the 'saviour-victim' game within self and towards others - you're not assisting and supporting yourself and you're not assisting and supporting others as you equal and one.

So, with regards to your parents - 'stabilize' yourself first within you and your world - prove to you that you've stood up and taken self-responsibility for you, live self honesty here as breath as you - then from here, you are the living example to be able to actually really assist and support others as you - in being an example of how to take self-responsibility - of how to 'save yourself' and stop accepting and allowing the existence of self in and as self-victimization.

Let go of wanting to save them - first 'save yourself'.


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