Thursday, April 7, 2011

What’s In It For Me

This program is what has caused the state of existence that we are in.
We have passes this on and on as a genetic virus that is slowly killing off humanity.
Humane ity will now have to learn what this is. We have not lived as hu-man, we have lived as de-man - Demon - Vampires that take from one another for an energetic experience that we have allowed to posses us. Standing up for ALL as Equal is TRUE LIFE. Any other reason to live just de-mans = Lessens Man as an participation within True Life. This has to stop within each one of us or there will be No Life that will last.

This is why we at Desteni are creating a New Destiny by changing the very nature of our own Being to start to think and Live in away that considers what is best for All of Life

With the Desteni (I) Process -
We start to take a look at our own thinking and how it is affecting ours and others life's. And learn how to make a change and stop the thinking that cause abuse, separation, quilt, blame, self pity, limitation, fear.

Then with exploring and understanding the nature of money and how it has been used to abuse and control, we are coming up with a physical practical way that can support All, changing the old habitual thinking of "What's in it for me" to What will support all of Life in the Best way"
Equal Money System - Bringing Forth a Dignified Life for All

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