Friday, January 21, 2011

Humane and Equal Right Supporters a call to Unite

The One cause to end all Causes

Paradigm changers
Humane supporters
Equal Rights supporters
Charity Donators

This is a Call to Unite with the Desteni of the future
We have the solution that all of us are looking for
If one can drop the idea of “their way” and include the way that is best for All Living Things and is truly supporting complete Equality For All - join Us as an Equal and lets stand together.
Stop Living as the program of Divide and Conquer

Within living as the Desteni solution this blog is about 2 basic things.

One is to uncover and expose by sharing what we see within ourselfs as the personality programs we have defined as ourselves that causes limitation and separation from all as life and to begin to Birth Life as ourselves into the Physical. Thus I will be writing as the tools suggested of self honesty - looking at yourself and self-forgiveness - giving Self back to Self / Self Giving.

Two, is to show that an Equal Money system is the first step towards liberation from the enslavement of Money as God. Money (paper/numbers on a card) determines who gets shelter, food, water, education and health care. We have blindly given support to - that to have money = having life! And it is not equally distributed because of our archaic acceptance of this is how it is.

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