Sunday, March 13, 2011

Equal Money and Natural Disasters

Equal Money and Natural Disasters
Take a look at how an equal money system, which is a system that is not based on capitalization, as capitalization is concerned with PROFIT and not the well being of humanity and the earth, will change the way we currently live in the world, and stop much of the unnecessary abuses.
For example Natural Disasters;
With an Equal Money System that is not based on capitalism, we could have technology to NOT have NUCLEAR Reactors.
As the corporate governments only look at how to enslave people by not allowing much new technology to be used.
For instance there is a way to get energy for use right out of our own yard. How can they control people and make profits if the fear of no energy is not there?
Resources are held back to make supply and demand to increase profits.
Such as, building, building, building to make money and profit as fast as possible because of competition, with an EMS we would take the time to put homes in places less likely to be devastated by a natural disaster.
Some other ways an EMS will assist with abuse.
Families and marriage, much of family’s bickering are about money.
Many marry, just to be financially supported by someone, thus causing emotional flares of inferiority/superiority within relationship.
Many “crimes” will cease to exist, because it is a “crime” to steal, and many do so because they do not have money.

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