Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pride as Separation

I could never get into this sense of being “proud” of the idea that we are different.

Sayings like:

Proud to be an American
Gay Pride
Irish Pride
And so on.

Anything that is different it seems that we have a “need” to be proud of it.

I am gay, and I am not proud of it. It is simply what I am. Just like everyone else, they are simply who they are.
I mean every single thing there is on the planet is different in expression.

Thus, it seems silly to have to be proud of it. I mean its cool – diversity is defiantly cool, and it is defiantly what life IS. LIFE IS Diversity!

So why don’t we accept and value our sameness instead of having to be proud we are different?

I am not sure where this idea got started, but it would seem to be from how we as a human species seems to feel inadequate. This can be seen in our history of recorded wars.
For some reason, humans have to take from others the land they are living on and all their possessions to feel worthy. We are still as a world nation doing this today!

If you study history, you will learn how all this land we call “ours” was taken from indigenous people by lying, stealing and killing them. And then we become “proud”!

If our world as the human species are to survive- this proudness has to stop, as it is undoubtedly breading separation and competition that creates jealously and anger.

So I say; Lets support each other in our Sameness, which is what we don’t do. What is our sameness?

We all need to eat, we all need shelter, and in society today all should have equal access to education and health care. Lets Support and BE Proud of Our Sameness.

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A Wheeler said...

I have always thought this way. I want to tell people that call them selves African American, that is not who you are. You are one amoungst all of us.