Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bible Studies The Money Changers

Good will would be to change the money system. Those that can do not.

When Jesus went to town and became angry at the money changers.
It is still the same. We have not changed. And all those who call themselves Christians are part of the money scams/ Jesus himself did not like churches, yet now there is a Pope who clams to know what Jesus taught and claims to been anointed by God. Yet he will turn a blind eye to his priests that are molesting children and do not take criminal action, but send them off to another church which is actually then he himself acting in criminal ways.
It is the money changers that are the ones who make the laws to protect themselves and their criminal acts. Yet we are just as much to blame because we allow it to happen. We gave our power away to authority- because we did not want responsibility. So guess what – we have it every where There is always someone who is making the rules of how we are to live. And these rules only benefit the few and cause great stress and suffering to most.
When we go to school- we learn that wars are patriotic- we learn that we are expected to kill others for our country! But who is telling us this? Who wants us to fight? And all sides are praying to “God” for there side to win. Lol And we call this sane behavior. This is just a believe system that we have accepted as true. God does not have sides – God is the principle that brings “beliefs” into reality for us to experience. We are in control of the believes we allow ourselfs to believe.
It certainly does not have to be this way. There are enough resources for all to live a dignified life. People say there is not enough fuel and food for everyone. This is not so. We have amazing technology that is being repressed because it would give all free energy. There are cars that can run on water, and there are devices that can create electricity from your own yard. Yet the powers that be- are in power because they have the money and that they say we need this money to survive – so they control how much we get to stay in power.
No wonder Jesus did not like the money changers. They are against equal life for All- They suppress life for others and we go along with it...
We do not need a priest to tell us what Jesus was trying to show us. Do unto other as you would
want done unto you. You want dignity – give dignity to others.
Equal Money System is the answer if you dare to follow Jesus.

Free yourself from the Money engery we have accepted and allowed >

Self Forgiveness Energy = Money

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