Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have never met anyone Like Desteni

It never occurred to me that when I joined the Desteni Forum over a year ago that this would be a life time experience…
I was lost and confused with the state that existence is in, I did not know what our purpose was, and why there was so much suffering, and there was suppose to be a God that loved us and created us. It didn’t make sense…
It took me over a year that I would realize that Desteni is offering a way to change the world through one person at a time, and in this new world we will all be different. The change that this will take is more than a change in your “life style” it is changing who you actually are and this takes courage and dedication, self honesty and self forgiveness. It is changing the way you see and perceived life, and stopping all the excuses that we have come up with or beLIEved are reasons why we as a people can not live One and Equal as LIFE instead of living One and Equal in separation, through self interest, (what is best for me only).
Desteni is breaking through all the lies and beliefs that say we can not live One and Equal for what is best for ALL as Ourselves, where we see all of creation as ourselves. The reason this is not here is because of fear and self interest.
This is a movement to live in Self honesty.
Adele Caskey

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abraxas23 said...

hi there, I especially liked the "how to be a portal" series from winged. that's what I call supreme wisdom. there are some things on the site I didn't like however, some disinformation about Joshua Ben Joseph for example. it's a general channeling-site and there are lots of demons coming trough too, so one has to be careful.

god bless