Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cold shoulder

Common Sense wrote:
When a partner turn the cold shoulder

who spite who?

and what is the partner actually already preparing to justify?

The one turning the cold-shoulder is only spiting themselves - as they're already preparing to justify the 'reason' / 'the why' for acting within the cold-shoulder manipulation - justifying their act within spite as the cold-shoulder manipulation through blaming the other for the reason to why they did it/ acted within spite as the cold-shoulder manipulation.

Then, if the other leave the one that acted within spite as the manifestation of the could-shoulder manipulation - the one that acted in such deliberate spite will in further ado direct anger towards the other for leaving them - when the one created their experience for themselves through spite = now, their world will reflect the spite they had become.

So, the being that was directing anger to/towards the other = is actually angry at/with themselves - because, to a certain extent they know/see they're the cause - them knowing that they're actually the cause is indicated through them attempting to fault the other.

One always show to self what self is, have become, do, accept and allow through what you project/direct unto others in thought, word and deed = and this is always done in spite - in the attempt to destroy another as you've accepted and allowed yourself to destroy yourself - wanting to destroy another as the destruction that you've brought upon yourself, as yourself that you've become to have the other feel/experience themselves exactly as you do - to in so-doing = bring them down to the level you brought yourself to 'feel equal' and in that perceived 'equality' = at the same-time gain a sense of 'domination'.

The fucked-up design of 'equality' through/as the mind-system as spitefulness.


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