Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Understanding Self Interest

Lets say that the world will be divided into two.
One for the people who want power and control through having more money than others
And one where all have equal wealth and are provided for equally.

And that you have a choice to to live in one part or the other

The funny thing about this choice is that with out the willing slave to the wealthy they would have nothing!
They would have to finally count on each other and support each other if they want to survive.

An one would get to see who really cares about each other by this choice. Who is really ready to evolve.

Understanding Self Interest.

I did not like the world because I saw it so unfair. Yet this came from a self interest starting point. I wanted my 'fair' share. I wanted things others had but we did not have the money to get them. So I became angry at the world. And I went into self pity and feeling less than most of my life, always comparing myself to others, what they had and I didnt. This included what I thought as being beautiful. A 'good' looking person. I did not like the idea of wars and fighting to kill one another an could not understand why we did this. I just remember being so angry that things were not equal. Though I only thought of this about me, I really only considered my own suffering within this.
And when I watched TV shows showing suffering – I considered myself as the one suffering as I watched those shows. Thus really only concerned and fear for my own suffering.
So interesting – I was really separating myself as/from the world by self interest.

Thus creating the very world that is here!!

I had not seen that within me. I want the world to be fair for self interest reasons only!!
If the world was fair I would get what I wanted!! I am/was still doing this out of self interest! Considering what is best for all because then I could get what I wanted- this is where the anger is. And the not being completely equal to and with all. Wow
I did not see me as part of the whole. I was just me and wanted what I thought was good for me. To satisfy my longings and pleasure. Within this I am no different than the ones who Have..
Ah- this is how the world shows us who we are! This is how I contribute to the have and have nots!

I forgive myself that I wanted to be better than the world, I am no better and equal to the world that I have created out of my own self interest. The haves are showing me my very own separation that I am by wanting what they have with no concern for others.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the world, judging it as not good, when within my very self I have not done what would be good for another. If we all have this self interest we are not together but separate and then we are not life but destroyers.

There is a way to stop this. Become part of the start of an Equal Money System where can take the greed out of money and we can All have what is best as we conder ALL of Life, not just our own.

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