Thursday, August 6, 2009

Me and Anger

All the anger I had in me was because things were not going my way. How I thought they should go. I became angry at everyone and everything in existence. I became angry at all the unfairness and suffering that was going on, and all the people that did not see it or give a shit. I became angry at the egotistical and then the weak for not standing up. I hated this existence.
I thought by separating myself from it, I was not it.
Separation was not the answer as I grew more and more depressed. And did not understand until Desteni explained the state of existence and why.

Boy... that has changed as now I see ME as As it all and ALL the self forgiveness that I needed to do. And humility as come, some times the wait of it felt like it would crush me. This is still in me, though I am releasing these points. And the anger is a tool to see what we are separating ourself as and from.

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