Saturday, July 25, 2009

Original starting point of separation.

Original starting point of separation.

why the world is so unfair and there is so much abuse to ourselfs and others and nature?

why this is still going on with humans that we fight and kill each other after sooo many life times, after so many examples in history of what power and greed do , and we still do it? And we still do and allow it?

The answer is ---

Life is fucked up for one reason... We want to be special. Which creates spite and spiteful actions towards yourself and others.

Watch your thoughts. Watch the things that make you resentful or sad or angry or judging, frustration, or even the opposite of the coin, happy, blissful etc … It all has to do with the idea of being Special.

Underneath all of these emotions that we experience you will see that you were Not feeling special and if you were feeling or thinking you were special notice how fast that feeling will leave and then you fight within yourself to get it back
Think of EVERY atrocity that has ever been done. What do you think the starting point was… Wanting to be special.

This idea starts as a kid to the end of our life. Fighting to be special. And then we die at the old age and wonder if we were special to someone or something. NEVER BEING HERE.

All the religions were then started to support the idea of being special.

This has got to stop. There is no specialness on Oneness.

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