Monday, March 24, 2008

WORLD has gone MAD

WORLD has gone MAD
When I watch the
Desteni videos on how fucked up the world is,,I want to show everyone..but they get afraid and do not want to see it..They pretend and tell themselves over and over every day how wonderful “there” reality is..Like they have to convince themselves and afraid if they don’t convince themselves that “there “ reality is Okay, they will end up as one of the statistic of the world “out there.”
I use to think like this as well..but came to realize thru common sense that the world is not getting better and all my attempts to not see it were self serving, originating out of fear for my own self survival…every man for them self.. But as I tried to live my meager life and do “positive thinking” I realize that this very positive thinking had the starting point of fear.. I didn't’ want a reality like there's…it fuckin scared me to be honest. So create a supposed “safe” little environment around me and hopefully friends .. where we didn't’ have to look at it, “ignore" it and it will go away… But something in side of me did not feel right about this .. and I thought ohh, you are not doing it right, you are not staying positive … But then I thought, can I REALLY have a good life while others are suffering? I looked honesty into this …as I did not want to face this. I could not truly be happy when others are suffering … I would have to be constantly “pivoting” my thoughts..ohh don’t look there..oops don’t look might create it.. Then even after death would I be free of this? Would I look down upon the earth and see the suffering gone? No .. I would have saved my own Ass in an illusionary deceptions ..again..not wanting to see. Now what kind of “eternal life would this be?? Fucked..

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The WORLD has gone MAD!!!!

Very well said.
Thank you for this, I hope people will wake up see there self dishonesty and how everything they create is from the starting point of lack. Believing in lack, we sacrifice ourselfs, other humans, and the earth for our own self serving needs.


Rajah Mahsohn said...

Have you judged the world already? Is it that the world has gone mad, is going mad or will go mad? I had to come to the realization that that which I view the world as is a direct reflection of myself. We are given all of this knowledge and information about our world(selves), and it is meant to scare/awaken but is not meant to be taken as judgement. Judgement is a conclusion, "this is how it is". Time is non-existent, the world is changing as we change, what we view as "bad" in this world is simply the balancing of an equation.

Thank You for your post and helping me help myself

HereNow said...

"that which I view the world as is a direct reflection of myself."

Yes I agree absolutely.
I seems as if I am "judging" but it is not through judgment that I see the world anymore. It is awareness of what we have accepted and allowed within ourself..a reflection as you stated. With this awareness I am learning to take responsibility for what I am reflecting.
We can not "fix" what we wont see.
I love the world and mourn for it at times. But the only action I can take is to understand how the mind works and stand up to that.
So cool..I "think" we are on the same page! Lol