Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moving movement

I am excited about the move I an going to make. Very interesting. I knew the loss of my job was life pushing me. And as I prepare to leave Portland, a city I really like...but not my destine, I have gotten rid of many things that I have been holding on to as in things and system dreams. I am down to about 3 books (shit I had many!) and I sold my car I had for 20yrs! And my bed, it wont fit in the van lol. I am moving back with my brother, which I have had fear about, but I am confident it is a transformation process
As I think he is my only tie left as the "family construct" and a chance to stand up to my own beliefs about this. And the way it is unfolding is interesting....it is all just falling into place...Example, I have 2 cars a Van and a small dodge colt that I brought bran new in 1988...I have been having a hard time to let this car go but knew I had too as I can not have 2 cars anymore. And just the other day someone came out of the blue and wanted to buy it! I had no adds up yet.
Interesting physical movement = within self movement.
So today I load up the van and tomorrow I am on my way, and then...who knows! Life knows!


dulcinea said...

I wish you the best, Adele

Ingrid said...

Heeeee, you are probably now with your brothers - I am not that much on chat, so miss some of the 'news':)

Was your trip allright?

HereNow said...

Thanks ingrid and dulcina, The trip was a trip! LOL The packing was like piecing together a puzzle and stuff tided on the roof of the van to get it all to fit. Glad there was no trouble with van breaking down. So I am here and well..I see SF coming up :-)