Saturday, February 2, 2008

Learning the Difference Between the Mind and Life

See my life as what I was in the post I wrote before was programmed, I was living a program. My actions and reactions were all of the mind. I awoke as a baby and got plugged into the universal mind constructs, the mass humanity program. I have seen that everyone is equal here in there suffering, even the rich and elite. I see the "life" that people are thinking they are living is not life. It is the mind. We think we are what we are thinking, we think we are the emotions we are feeling and we think we are the actions that we do. This is a program. A program designed to keep us unaware of our true self and in slavery to the mind. Now there are two types of thinking. One is the program and everyone has it...and thought it is life and then there is true expression. And this is exactly what I am doing here by writing. I am getting out as much as I can see of the mind. I want to know in every detail of what I have called me and accepted as my life. Now understand this not about the things I did in my life. I am not ashamed of any of it. But it is now about getting to know the difference between taking action from the programmed mind and living life as true expression. So by writing about my life for me, it gives me away to see more clearly what the mind has manifested as my life. And as I see more clearly the tricks it plays ,the easier it will be for me to stop it, So digging out these treasures as I call it ( the mind fucks) and writing about them.....tells the mind I am on to you! LOL

So I will uncover more treasures as I go and put them down in writing. You can not let go of what you do not see.


Leila said...

"You can not let go of what you do not see"


Yesterday I was putting all my blog texts into word and then I checked the spelling for all the texts. Was funny how I could see how I would sytematic write specific words wrong in every text!

HereNow said...

Cool Leila, now that you mention it that happens to me too!